What is the domain name?

The domain name is the address of the website that you will usually in the browser URL bar to visit some websites. To make it simple, if you consider the domain as your house, then the address is the domain name. The internet is the giant network of computers that are connected with the help of the cables. Each computer that is linked in the network will communicate with the other systems. When you need to identify each system, there are separate IP addresses for the computer. This number will denote a particular computer in the typical IP address. The IP address will look like this,

So, do you now think it is so easy to remember names like this? No! The domain name is the best solution for such issues. Mostly, the domain names are the name of the sites and so, it is not hard to remember these types of domain names. When you enter the domain name in the search box, this name will be directly sent to the global network server or Domain Name System (DNS). Then the name will be checked in the directory and forward the relevant name to the server. This will open the site that you requested.  

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