What is Domain Class?

A domain class represents the table column and it will also allow you to handle these column values in the object. In the case of the Doma framework, a domain is a value that a data type will contain in it.

Domain Class

The domain class is the user-defined class that will help to map to a column. However, the domain class is optional that you can use to avoid it. Further, there are two subdivisions on it.

Internal domain classes:

This domain class must be annotated using @domain and this is the value type element that corresponds to the given data type of the column.

In the internal domain classes, there is instantiation with a constructor and instantiation with a static factory method to implement the domain class.

External domain classes:

This feature will allow you to define an arbitrary class as the domain classes and this is possible even if the classes can be annotated with the @domain annotation.

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