Useful Tips on Dynamic Re-marketing

Dynamic Remarketing as its name suggests is a robust way of marketing that helps website owner know who visited their website and what they were looking for; this information of visitors helps website owners to retarget them with an attractive offer as they already know visitors’ requirement so they at ease can turn their visitors into customers. Hence, it can be said that Dynamic Re-marketing ads feature can boost your business manifold.

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With the support of the Dynamic Re-marketing feature, what you need to do is to add a ‘code’ to your website and then you see miracle of this tool; as any visitor visits your website, tracking cookie is added by the Google code that starts working since visitor leaves your website and move to another website; the interesting thing is that even if visitor leaves your website, your ad according to his interest yet keep chasing him as per the method choosing by you.

Setting Up Re-marketing –

When you login to Analytic Account, you see options like Home, Reporting, Customization, and Admin Tab at top of the screen. Now, as you click on Admin Tab, you see remarketing tab, you need to click at it, you find 2 options – Lists and Dynamic Attribute, and you need choose anyone from them.

If we talk about Dynamic Attribute, it is an easy way of remarketing users for it works on custom defined variables like ‘sku numbers’ and ‘products ID’ that is considered a better option for ecommerce websites.

Besides, you may also choose ‘Lists’ where you need to choose the way how you want to display your ads by choosing ‘+New Remarketing List’. After it, you see some instruction and steps to activate remarketing; first step is about Terms and Conditions, and Policies whereas second steps about modifying tracking code, here you find several option for remarketing like Allow Google to manage my list for me also called ‘Smart Lists’, All of my users, Users who visited a specific selection of my site/app, All users who completed a conversion goal, and Create my own remarketing type using Segments.

Smart List –

Smart List is created by the Google on the basis of ‘Historical Conversion Date’. Google Analytics itself chooses the visitors for remarketing your products.

Some Important points to know about it –

When you use this feature, you need to keep your mind on whether your ‘list size’ is increasing or not. According to the experts, it is noticed that because of tags conflicting number of audience goes down or some time reduces next to zero. So you must be careful about it, otherwise you may suffer loss in place of gain.

Do not run same ads again and again for a long time, your visitors may lose interest in your product, you need to maintain your uniqueness of your brand so coping any brands may not work much for you. Create your ad especially for your product, so that your potential customers keep connecting to you. Big pictures work more effectively as they grab your visitors’ attention at ease.

As for displaying ads, there are limited templates, so users’ ads seems to be similar that may also discourage your potential customers; for encouraging your potential customers, website owners must build their own templates in order that you may display different ads for your customers.

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