These 8 Tools for Twitter Make Marketing Easier

Even if Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook are ahead of the game when it comes to the social media world, especially in the B2C area, many users still rely on the Twitter channel, especially in the B2B area. Startups and founders should also think about a Twitter account, as the channel for real-time marketing is worthwhile and functions primarily as a news service for users. By embedding Twitter feed on website you can display live Twitter feed to website visitors.

So that your Twitter account is successfully used, there are some helpful tools in addition to the basic rule “Current content and regular posting!” That makes work easier and supports you.

You can find out which tools can be used skillfully for Twitter:

1. Taggbox Widget –

Taggbox widget is a social media aggregator and ugc platform. Taggbox widget helps you to curate and embed user-generated content form Twitter using hashtag(#), handle(@), mention etc. The tool helps you build trust, increase user engagement, and drive conversions with the help of embedding Twitter feed on your website.

The tool provides diverse design customizations, layout options, content moderation, real-time content updates, content rights management, responsive & lightweight widget, and much more. 

2. Twitter Analytics – statistics quite official

Twitter now also has an integrated function to display statistics on your own profile and your activities. This way, initial insights can already be gained that show your followers in more detail, for example.

Age, gender and of course location also play a role here. So you can get the first numbers that apply to the last four weeks. The only requirement besides your Twitter account: it must be at least two weeks old. In addition to the follower list, data on the success of your tweets is also displayed, such as the number of times they have been clicked.

This will make it easy for you to learn how to improve your activities and tweets. In addition to the official analytics function, there are also other tools.

3. Hootsuite – practical as well as extensive

In addition to managing your Twitter activities, Hootsuite also enables you to monitor your account. Not only can postings be planned in advance and clearly laid out, but you can also check the performance directly. This will give you numbers that will help you make your tweets even better.

A big advantage of the tool is the integration of several social media profiles, which can be managed simultaneously with just this tool. In the free version, three channels are already possible, in the paid version, far more profiles can be integrated. This greatly simplifies your social media marketing, since you can plan and analyze your activities quite comprehensively with just one helper.

4. Buffer – Versatile and helpful

Like Hootsuite, Buffer also offers the option of managing multiple social media channels in parallel with the tool. It couldn’t be more practical if a dashboard provides an overview of social media postings and at the same time also includes monitoring solutions. In addition to Twitter, it can be used to monitor Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest accounts and to process and plan postings about it.

The tool is easy to use to find the best posting times and to check the engagement of the followers. Buffer is available as an app as well as for the desktop so that you can prepare your tweets easily and conveniently from anywhere. You can test the tool as freeware, after which a paid version is required. This varies depending on the scope of the price.

5. Simply Measured – Clever and useful

The tool offers accounts with up to 10,000 followers the opportunity to receive extensive analyzes and reports free of charge. This includes data about the followers, such as age, gender and interaction with your tweets. There are also metrics on the performance of your tweets, including likes and retweets and much more.

Everything is delivered in clear graphics, and the data can be conveniently exported as an Excel file so that you can also use it to create your graphics.

6. Tweet reach – Comprehensive for marketing professionals

This tool is a little more expensive for marketing experts, but Tweetreach also provides detailed data about your tweets. Reaches and clicks are given here, making the engagement of your followers more tangible.

Also, you get insight into the best times for your tweets and also for the hashtags. With the reports, you can analyze and significantly improve your activities.

7. Storify – from tweets to story

The tool is less suitable for monitoring, but rather for preparing your best tweets. With Storify, you can search and find tweets and more via hashtag, from which you can easily create a kind of story.

The tweets don’t have to be from your profile. It’s easy to tell a story about a particular topic. So great tweets are not lost, and you can put them in a nice blog post and thus upgrade them again. The tool is a practical helper in the sense of a curator.

8. Twitter search – Less tool than search engine

Hashtags and posts on Twitter on a specific topic can be easily found with a Twitter search. The whole thing is less a tool than a good microblogging search function by Twitter itself to discover content or find hashtags for your topics and tweets.

9. RiteTag – Trend hashtags easily found

RiteTag is a clever tool when it comes to trends and new hashtags that are particularly popular in the community. Of course, your tweets can be boosted with hashtags, and that attracts more attention. You can easily find out and use what is trending and which perform particularly well with this tool.

Conclusion on our “Tools for Twitter Marketing” list: The classics among social media tools make the run on Twitter.

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