Top 10 Tips that Give Your Printer a Long Life

printer cleaning tips

Taking care of your printer is crucial and if not taken good time care, the life of a printer can get diminished greatly. Thus, you need to be very careful while handling printer and see that it gets a good care and maintenance.

printer cleaning tips

How to Care for Your Printer

Here are thus 10 basic tips for you to maintain good condition and long life of your printer:

• Clean your printer everyday if you are in a dust prone place, or in alternative days both from inside and outside. Remember dust is the primary enemy of a printer. If the paper feeder tray is not in use fold it in.
• It’s best to keep it covered with a printer cover (you will get many for your model and size) to avoid more dust.
• When not in use, turn it off. Do not leave it turned on the whole day when it is sitting just idle.
• One of the best ways to make your printer go a long way is regular use. A printer frequently used would not get a trouble, and will always run in a good condition.
• All printers have a maintenance mode inbuilt that checks for hardware problems in it. You should use the maintenance mode once a month to make sure everything is ok with the printer.
• Do not use cheap quality papers to avoid paper jams
• The use of refilled cartridges highly affects print quality and performance. Try to use original cartridges and toners.
• The paper you use in it should be dry, straight and without any bend or folds.
• Any sort of troubleshooting should be done after reading the manual, which is always a safe practice.
• You should be extra careful while handling inner parts of the printer while changing cartridges, as the parts are small and delicate.

If you can follow all the above steps carefully, your printer will last longer and will give you good performance for a long time.

The 5 Best Printers Available in Market

Often people get confused when they have to choose from a wide range of printers in the market. Several factors are important here, like where are you going to use it, for what purpose, how much load it has to take and more such facts. However, listed below are the top 5 performers of all types:

HP OfficeJet Pro 8026 All-in-One Wireless Smart Colour Printer – This one needs more space for storage, but it’s no match for top-grade printing at very high speed for both office and home, and for pictures and documents.

Epson EcoTank L3150 Wi-Fi All-in-One Ink Tank Printer – It’s popular because of the Epson’s cloud-printing portfolio.

Epson L130 Single-Function Ink Tank Colour Printer – If you don’t have a wide space for a good photo printer, then this is the perfect machine to print high quality documents and pictures.

HP Laserjet Pro M126nw Multi-Function Monochrome Laser Printer – It’s a monochrome laser printer nice for both small offices and homes, and a good value for money.

Brother HL-L2321D Single-Function Monochrome Laser Printer with Auto Duplex Printing – A good machine for black and white prints of large volume for small businesses.

Anyone using printer at home or in office, hence should take utmost care to get proper service from it.

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How Google Android Users Will Restore Factory Settings

Time has gone when phones are considered a device for calling only, now it has become such inseparable device, which helps you in regulating your life – personal or professional. As the time is passing, so we all are growing more and more dependent on it. The device, at this time, deals, for much extent, with your private information which is one of very serious concern since we often hear about online frauds which are possible because of leaking your personal details.

Why is Restore Factory Settings needed? Nowadays trying latest devices became a fashion, so it becomes more important to wipe out all information from your devices before you change your used device to a latest one so that it cannot be misused by anyone. However, security, or privacy issues are not only grounds that you need to restore factory setting. Besides this, if you experience that your device is loading slowly, or malfunctioning or your device has some connection issues, you may use it as a last attempt before going to the service center.

What is Restore Factory Settings? – Restore Factory Setting also called A Factory Reset or Master Reset, is a method to restore the device to its original state. This progression removing all information, data, and softwares from the devices takes device back in original state which is set by the manufacturer.

What preparations are necessary for Restore Factory Settings? – As I mentioned above that it removes all your information, data, and applications loaded by you will be wiped out itself, so it is highly recommended you to protect all that so that you need not to face any problem after performing Restore Factory Setting. You need to back-up your all personal data and applications which you want to use later. You can store that in your PC, micro SD Card or online storage.

How to perform Restore Factory Setting – First of all what you need to do is to find out SETTING into your device. After finding SETTING, you find options like – Applications, Accounts and Synch, Storage, Language and Keyboard, Accessibility, Voice input, and output besides PRIVACY. Now it is time to go to PRIVACY option. Here you have to mark the back-up and reset boxes, and finally you have to go to factory reset and tap reset device. Now you will see a kind of notice informing you that the process will erase all data from your phone’s internal memory including application data and downloaded applications. Now you need to tap reset device, you have option to wipe your micro SD card as well. Checking this box means you want to wipe out your card too. Now you have to confirm it one more time by pressing ERASE EVERYTHING, and as you confirm it, the process will start.

As the process is not a light one, so it takes a bit longer time.  After being completed the process, your device will reboot. Now you will find this device as a new one, and you may feel that the slower loading problem or the problem of malfunctioning have been sorted-out. You may feel as if you were using a new device.

1 .  From the Home screen, press the Menu button and go to Settings.

Android Restore Factory Settings

2. Select Privacy and then Factory data reset.

Android Restore Factory Settings

3. Verify the information on the screen and press Reset phone.


Android Restore Factory Settings

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Problems with Dell Inspiron 1318 laptop and Their Easy Solutions

Who have Dell Inspiron 1318 laptop may be facing some crucial problems, when they use their device for official or personal purposes. Below I have mention a few problems and their solutions, which most of the users are facing.

Laptop Hangs Frequently:

Most of the Dell Inspiron 1318 users are facing that their laptop starts handing or freezing and sometime booting. This issue usually creates due to overheating of the system, and for fixing this issue, users need to do some things or have to take some precautions to avoid this problem in the future. The first thing, they must do is use laptop in an open place where there is a perfect ventilation or circulation of air because using in a closed place your device can often get overheated.

If you are using it on your bed or not in a ventilated place, then use a laptop stand to make sure that the heat is ventilated. Apart from that, make sure that your laptop fan is working properly without any kind of noise, if making noise, then repairs it as soon as possible. Remember, a defaulted fan can cause the device to hang or freezes.

Blue Screen Problem

Sound Card Issue:

This problem generally arises due to several reasons such as virus infection, an incompatible device driver, problem in hard drive or many other causes. To solve this issue, you need to check certain things such as the laptop was working fine, but when have made few changes it stops working, if it then uninstalled the changes. If you forget what you have changed, then restore it to before time and date.

Blue Screen Problem:

One of the most common problems that most of laptop users not dell laptop, but brand users are facing today. For solving this trouble, you need to install updates, as well as compatible drivers. But before installing updated drivers, make sure that you have uninstalled the existing drivers. Run virus scan time to time from a powerful antivirus software because this problem sometimes occurs due to spyware, virus, malware and other such infections.

Bluetooth Does Not Work Perfectly:

It is the next major problem that users are frustrated with. This issue often occurs due to un-properly turn on Bluetooth as well as uninstalled or out-dated of drivers. Therefore, to make your Bluetooth working, turned on properly and update the drivers. It will work fine after doing these things. If the issue still persists them, take it to any nearest dell laptop repair center to fix the issue.

You must contact to any repair company for any hardware problem. But, before taking your laptop to any service center do a deep research about the company such as its services, charges, delivery time and many more other things.

2014 Is Going To Be The Golden Year For Mobiles and Tablets

Smart phones have gained immense popularity as a number of companies are willing to produce them in order to satisfy the users and their expectations.  Due to its incredible functions people are eager to use these phones. While smart phones help the users to enjoy various functionalities, on the other hand, people have witnessed the tremendous growth of tablets within the past few years. According to a data, 19.7 million smart phones have been transported worldwide in 2010 and after that it has achieved a massive appreciation from the users that actually clarifies its bright future.  In recent period both tablets and mobiles have become the part of our life which eventually breaks down the market of PC. While you can perform any activities like social networking, computing, data management, banking and a number of other business solutions through these small yet smart devices you definitely trust it and start using it in spite of working through a PC. These devices have removed the barriers of office and enable you to work from any place, at any time, therefore the expectation grows gradually.

2014 Is Going To Be The Golden Year For Mobiles & Tablets

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Breaking News: Mobiles & Tablets Are Going To Take Over The Market Of PC In 2014

Due to the growing demands of mobiles and tablets (smart phones), the PC market is facing a great loss for past few years. As the smaller devices are more users friendly therefore consumers love to use smart phones and tablets. Records show that 51.7 million tablets were transported throughout the world in 2012 and the figure is increased in 2013 to a great level. But the question is – will tablets as well as smart phones outsell the market of PCs? Mobile will overtake PC’s market in 2014 is the biggest headline from Gartner that left all the PC makers in despair. People cannot be 100% sure on the basis of prediction but according to Gartner, tablets will submerge the market of PC in 2014.

Why The Demands Of Tablets And Smart Phones Are So High?

There is a numbers reasons behind this story. However, the most important one is its low cost and cheap models that attract the customers. Further it is an ‘all in one’ device that allows you to do plenty of work. Another important thing is android operating system which can be run through both of these devices and it makes things easier for the users. A current estimation reveals that 879 million Android devices will be transported in 2013 and in 2014 the figure will be 1.1 billion. Therefore, it is almost clear that these small devices are going to rule the market very soon in 2014.

2014 Will Witness An Excellent Growth Of Tablets & Smart Phones: Gartner Anticipates

Gartner predicts that the market of smart phones and tablets will grow rapidly. Only the trade of mobile devices will grow 3.7 percent which will definitely break PC’s markets. Moreover, windows devices will grow 363 million in 2014 from 331 million in 2013 while the MAC OS and Apple will surely achieve 338 million in 2014 which was 271 million in 2013.

A large number of people prefer the small devices and as a result of it tablet shipment is likely to grow 53.4% in this year. Through a survey in China, France, Brazil, Italy, U.S, Germany, U.K and japan Gartner reveal that maximum people use these small devices.

After all these analyses, researches and predictions it can be assumed that 2014 will going to be the most profitable year for tablets and mobile till date. Due to its accessibility and flexibility it already has made a distinct place in the market and very soon it will play the role of a game changer in the market.