How to Find Domain Name?

Find Domain Name

Finding the best domain name for your organization website is a crucial and important thing. The choose of the wrong domain name can make the situation a hassle one. This is because; you have to switch the domain name later on without hurting your brand and search ranking of the company. This is the main reason for finding the best domain name for the website. At first, you may find it difficult to find a catchy business name with a perfect domain name. But this article will help you to find the domain name. So make a halt on this page and read the following content.  

Go with a commonly used domain name

In the online, you can find plenty of websites that are available with .com or .net or .org. These are the common domain names that are used by the companies. So you can go for the commonly used domain name. It is recommended to choose the .com domain name. In addition to the clever blog names with new extensions like .com will enhance your ranking in search engine optimization. .com is easily stored in the people’s mind especially who is not aware of any technical terms. It is a common habit that people are usually ending their surf by typing .com at the end of every domain without thinking about it.

Make use of keywords in the domain name

Keywords are playing a vital role in the domain name. By using the keywords in a domain name, the user can predict what type of business the company is providing. In addition to the quality content and good user experience, the keywords are also increasing the ranking in search engine optimization.

Keep the domain name short

Even though keywords are important, remembering the lengthy keyword is a difficult one. It is recommended to have a short keyword for the domain name. The keyword should be short, creative and in addition to that, they should be easily memorable by people.

Easy to pronounce and spell

The domain should be easily shared when you are speaking and writing. The use of a professional business email address should be easy to understand and spell for any listener.

Keep the domain name as unique and brandable 

The domain name should be unique and brandable. If they are unique and brandable, then the user can remember your brand which will attain high traffic.

With the help of this article, you can find the importance of choosing the domain name. So find the domain name and enhance your rank in search engine optimization.

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How many Domain Classes are Available?

Domain Classes

A domain classes name is also called the web address that will help the browser to find the website that you are searching for. The registered domain name should be unique to your business and it should not be used by anyone else. To make it simpler, a domain for the website is the same as the street name and door number for your house. 

Is the domain name more important? 

It might be the businessman, individual, if you are looking for the online presence, the domain becomes undeniable. The combination of the website, domain name, and email address will help you to have a strong online presence with a unique identity. For business, this is much needed when you need to enhance brand awareness, build credibility and protect the trademarked and copyrights.

Domain Classes

Available types of domain names? 

Top-Level Domain (TLD): this refers to the suffix or the final part of the domain name. There is the list of predefined suffixes that includes, 

  • .com: This will be the most suitable option when you are looking for a website for commercial purposes. Remember that your audiences are more experienced with this domain name. 
  • .gov: As the name indicates, is owned by the government agencies 
  • .org: This is the domain suitable for some of the organizations like the non-profitable organization 
  • .edu: these are chosen by the educational institutions 
  • .mil: All the websites that deal exclusively for the military information will make use of these domain names 
  • .net: If your name to establish the website that relates to the network organization, this would be suitable 

These TLDs are further classified into two different categories called 

  • Generic top-level domains: It is the name that helps in identifying the domain class and it will be commonly associated with some names like .com, .org, .edu, and several others 
  • Country code top-level domains: these are the two-letter domain extension like .fr or .uk that will be assigned to the countries or the geographical area. 


This refers to the new Top-Level Domain name that is geared with the brand organizations and services. These will be customized, relevant and flexible. Some examples for this type would be .app, .voyage, .cool, .ninja and several others. 

Choose the right one! 

When you need to make the best choice, you need to consider lots of factors associated with it. Choosing the wrong one might end up with some hassles. So, take enough measures and choose the best domain for your business.

How many domain extensions are available?

various Domain Extension

There are 280 plus domain extensions are available.

Most people are not much aware of the domain extension. Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has been controlling the domain namespace since 1998.

The leading companies and organizations can operate their own domain extensions. These domain extensions are making the people surf as the easy one.

various Domain Extension

Generally, several internet domain extensions are available. The common domain extensions are .com, .edu, .net, .gov, and .mil and .org. These domain extensions will be widely classified into three parts. They are


The subdomain is nothing but the part of the larger domain that will come under the domain name system (DNS). The subdomains are used as a way to create a web address for specific and unique content with a website.

The subdomain will make the easy way for the users to navigate to the particular site. For example, if the main domain is, then its corresponding subdomain is an example/media/gallery.

When the user is using this subdomain, then he/she can directly navigate to the gallery location.

Second-level domain

The second-level domain is a specific part of a website or a page domain name or URL address. The second-level domain is a complement for the first level domain.

The second-level domain is contacting the portion of the domain name to the left of the domain extensions.

Top-level domain 

The top-level domain is nothing but the domain name extensions. Whenever the person is mentioning the Top-level domain of the website, they are mentioning only the domain extensions of the website. .com, .org are the examples of the top-level domain.

There are three types of top-level domains available in nature. They are generic top-level domain, country code top-level domain or the sponsored top-level domain.

The generic top-level domains are referred to as domain extensions that are generic in nature. You can register the generic top-level domain name with free cost. These domain extensions are mostly used in the professionals and personal domain names.

As the name indicates the country code Top-level domain extensions will be mostly used for the particular region or a country. The sponsored domain extensions will be used for specific domain names and not for general purpose.

Thus, therefore, with the help of the domain extensions, you can predict the website. Make use of this article, if you need any clarifications regarding the domain name extensions and their types.

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What is the domain name?

domain name

The domain name is the address of the website that you will usually in the browser URL bar to visit some websites. To make it simple, if you consider the domain as your house, then the address is the domain name. The internet is the giant network of computers that are connected with the help of the cables. Each computer that is linked in the network will communicate with the other systems. When you need to identify each system, there are separate IP addresses for the computer. This number will denote a particular computer in the typical IP address. The IP address will look like this,

So, do you now think it is so easy to remember names like this? No! The domain name is the best solution for such issues. Mostly, the domain names are the name of the sites and so, it is not hard to remember these types of domain names. When you enter the domain name in the search box, this name will be directly sent to the global network server or Domain Name System (DNS). Then the name will be checked in the directory and forward the relevant name to the server. This will open the site that you requested.