Spotify has Come up with Tracking and Reaching to Audience Easily

Spotify has come up with a new strategy of marketing tools for podcast advertisers which makes it possible to view impression, frequency (number of times a listener hears an ad) and reach (number of time a new listener listens to an ad) to a large number of audience for podcast ads, announced by the company, Wednesday.

The new system is supported by Spotify Newport cost and technology, Streaming Ad Insertion (SAI), which makes use of data from the platform with the audience logged in while streaming audio service. They anonymize take away listener’s information such as gender, device type and listening preferences.

An user needs to login before using Spotify which provides the company with a basic demographic data on the listeners choice. Listeners prefer streaming online than downloading which enabled the company to extract more information on the users listening habits.

Slowly and steadily the broadcast sector has grown but lacks in popularity due to lack of setting and announcing data which kept many brands away from investing in podcast ads.

As now that the advertisers and publishers can get accurate information whether their hands are being listened to, how many people are listening to them has made the medium more clear which attracts new advertisers. This eventually makes the sector’s momentum smooth.

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