SnapChum – A Marketing Gamut for Online Business

SnapChum – A Marketing Gamut for Online Business

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To start a business nowadays and get done with effective marketing is easier than previous days with the help of social networking sites like SnapChum. But the real challenge is to find the rate of prosperity among other business competitors. To know how many people are interested in your business and how many customers you will get is the main thing of concern for a start up.

Ever wondered how nice it would be to know the interested customers and the followers of your company or business? Well, now it’s more easy to find customers and interested people for your business.

With the help of Snapchum, you can now be closer to your customers and know about the prospective customers. Snapchum provides you with real time followers, non-followers, mutual friends and fans of your company.

guide-to-generate traffic from Pintrest

What is Snapchum?

Snapchum is a software developed by which acts as a marketing and analysis tool for publishing your website via Pinterest & Instagram. At first you have to register with your name, email id, password and then after creating your account, you can see your follower list. You can also avail more features by using their paid service at a very nominal cost.

This publishing is generally done via Pinterest as it is the place for new ideas. But every new business or company have to maintain some social profile for their publishing. So, if you can publish your own company via other sites, then why do you need Snapchum?

Well the answer lies here:

  • Every business needs to have a social media profile to attract more people but the real task is to maintain the followers. So, Snapchum allows you to maintain these followers and fans via Pinterest which has 100 million visits per day.
  • You can find out who followed or unfollowed you on Pinterest recently & unfollow your recent unfollowers or follow back your recent followers.
  • You can find your fans and mutual friends on Pinterest & shortlist whom you do not want to unfollow or add them to blacklist if you do not want to follow them ever.
  • You can also reach out to your target audience across different time zones by scheduling & uploading your pins in bulk and save time so that your pins get maximum views and this large will attract followers having keen interest on your company.
  • You can upload multiple images in a single pin and team members without sharing Pinterest password.

Why Pinterest?

Here you can create a pin board where you can publish pictures and videos of your company with appealing titles and comments. Users will be able to see them frequently and will get interested in your company. It is advised to maintain a positive follower – following ratio and also monitor the competitors. You can widen your reach of publishing via Pinterest and also you can publish your products in other social media sites once your pins have been published. You can express a lot more via an image or a video clip that is more effective in publishing your company. By scheduling your pins with Snapchum, you can freely work on your company’s development without the thought of publishing your company.

So it is advisable to use Snapchum for your own benefit but to get more convinced you definitely need to start using it just for your company.

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