Score High in the App Industry with Top 5 Android Apps

Score High in the App Industry with Top 5 Android Apps

In the present day, the workplace is becoming demanding due to the unremitting demands of being more productive and to maintain high-quality work. No need to fret!

Thankfully, with the help of Mobiers Ltd the market is today flooded with a copious number of apps for you to download helping you to improve your productivity.

Since the need to boost productivity is growing at a breakneck pace; it brings a lot of potential opportunities for businesses to score high in the app industry by developing apps for the Android platform that guarantees to increase productivity – by lowering costs and saving time.

Besides productivity, there are various other categories for which applications are generally created, as listed below:

• Utilities
• Entertainment
• Books
• Music

In this post I’ve come up with a list of 5 best Android apps in the several different categories. Let’s have a detailed look on apps under each category:

App for Productivity – Dropbox

I often recall the days, when I used to carry pen drive to run presentations and used to get frustrated when I‘ve to back up my data on hard drives. Well, now all that’s history, with the emergence of the Android cloud storage app, that is, DropBox.

This groundbreaking cloud storage app creates a virtual folder on your PC that’s in-sync to your DropBox account. The best part is that, whatever you copy into your virtual folder automatically gets uploaded online. Simply put, regardless of the place you’re and the device you’re using, you can have the access to your files, at anyplace and anytime.

Dropbox lets you store around 5GB of digital media for free. There are several other alternatives that you can utilize to augment your productivity, other than Dropbox such as the noteworthy Google Drive.

App for Utility – WhatsApp Messenger

With an astounding number of over 200 million users, WhatsApp is an Android app that has become a hot favorite among dozens of users within a short time span. It’s a straightforward, intuitive, cross-platform choice for sending text messages at free-of-cost. What’s more? You can even send photos and audio or video files too – indeed you’re using some sort of data connection.

App for Entertainment – SketchBook Mobile Express

Are you an avid art lover? Well, SketchBook Mobile Express is a professional paint and drawing app for Android Smartphones. It lets you have fun by giving you the privilege to bring your inner artist to the fore by sketching, while on the go.

The app user interface pops up whenever you need it. This app allows you to work with up to three layers. What Else? You can even import images from your phone gallery or camera app into the app.

App for Books – Kindle

For years, right from scholars, to writers, and poets all have found books to be the ideal medium to grasp knowledge. As time passed, the way people used to access books has changed. But, undoubtedly books are still the favored source for the majority of people.

For book lovers, Kindle is an Android app that best suits their need to browse through a vast list of books on the go. The best feature of this app – perhaps it automatically syncs the last page that you read, notes and bookmarks across multiple devices. Want to continue from your left, there’s nothing to fret with a Kindle, as it lets you read right from where you left reading.

Other alternatives apart from Kindle are Google Play Books, GoodReads, AReader etc.

App for Music – SoundCloud

Music is something that almost everyone loves. If you’re a music fanatic and looking for a great music app for your Android based device without ads and subscription fees, then SoundCloud is exactly what you need.

This app lets you find out new music tracks and stream it from the cloud. The app is simple to use, and is integrated with Google+. The app allows you to follow your favorite bands or singers, and lets you record sounds, and even post your choice of tracks through social media.

Another enthralling aspect about this app is that – it’s not only let you listen to some good music tracks, but also help you listen to comedy shows, news, and a whole lot more.

Wrapping Up!

Hopefully, after reading the guest post you must have learned about the different categories under which apps are being developed.

So, if you’re looking forward to making it big in the app industry via Android Applications Development, you must have a good look at the aforementioned apps defined in each category.

This will help you get a better idea as to what type of app can help you survive in today’s grueling app industry.

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