Problems with Dell Inspiron 1318 laptop and Their Easy Solutions

Who have Dell Inspiron 1318 laptop may be facing some crucial problems, when they use their device for official or personal purposes. Below I have mention a few problems and their solutions, which most of the users are facing.

Laptop Hangs Frequently:

Most of the Dell Inspiron 1318 users are facing that their laptop starts handing or freezing and sometime booting. This issue usually creates due to overheating of the system, and for fixing this issue, users need to do some things or have to take some precautions to avoid this problem in the future. The first thing, they must do is use laptop in an open place where there is a perfect ventilation or circulation of air because using in a closed place your device can often get overheated.

If you are using it on your bed or not in a ventilated place, then use a laptop stand to make sure that the heat is ventilated. Apart from that, make sure that your laptop fan is working properly without any kind of noise, if making noise, then repairs it as soon as possible. Remember, a defaulted fan can cause the device to hang or freezes.

Blue Screen Problem

Sound Card Issue:

This problem generally arises due to several reasons such as virus infection, an incompatible device driver, problem in hard drive or many other causes. To solve this issue, you need to check certain things such as the laptop was working fine, but when have made few changes it stops working, if it then uninstalled the changes. If you forget what you have changed, then restore it to before time and date.

Blue Screen Problem:

One of the most common problems that most of laptop users not dell laptop, but brand users are facing today. For solving this trouble, you need to install updates, as well as compatible drivers. But before installing updated drivers, make sure that you have uninstalled the existing drivers. Run virus scan time to time from a powerful antivirus software because this problem sometimes occurs due to spyware, virus, malware and other such infections.

Bluetooth Does Not Work Perfectly:

It is the next major problem that users are frustrated with. This issue often occurs due to un-properly turn on Bluetooth as well as uninstalled or out-dated of drivers. Therefore, to make your Bluetooth working, turned on properly and update the drivers. It will work fine after doing these things. If the issue still persists them, take it to any nearest dell laptop repair center to fix the issue.

You must contact to any repair company for any hardware problem. But, before taking your laptop to any service center do a deep research about the company such as its services, charges, delivery time and many more other things.

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