Here Is The Prediction List Of Social Media Marketing For 2014; Will They Come True?

Here Is The Prediction List Of Social Media Marketing For 2014; Will They Come True?

One day is left in 2013; hence, several businesses have started to review their marketing strategies for the forthcoming days and everybody keeps focussing more and more on social media. While the world of digital marketing is rapidly changing, it is very important for the companies to be aware with the latest social media trends and apply that in their work in order to get the best returns from the market.  Many founder and CEO of reputed marketing firms believe that due to the use of blogging, mobile devices and other networks 2014 is going to witness a massive development in social media.

So, here are the few predictions for social media marketing in 2014

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing 2014

Pay for better outcomes and gain more visibility in 2014

In order to harm organic reach Facebook has adjusted its news feed. Ads has already been included by Google+, being a public company, Twitter should start to move revenues and LinkedIn has started to market its updates. As it has become difficult to get attention of customers in social media, so in 2014, maximum companies are going to take this very seriously and they must spend money in order to sponsor their posts. It will be the easiest way to increase the traffic of a website or gain more visibility. This can make difficulties for smaller businesses as they don’t have huge marketing resources. Therefore, to fight with this situation you have to be ready not only with an incredible content but also know the proper ways of paying those social networks in order to advertise that content.

Twitter will overtake other social media platform in 2014

Facebook has managed to make an incredible space in the world of social media for the past three years. There are several other platforms that emerged as social media marketing tools but no one can compete with Facebook which already has 1.2 billion users. Facebook is the biggest platform for social media network after Google. However, Twitter has grown immensely in the last year. Not only the big celebrities, media and marketers use this but also the common people started to use it as a platform for social media marketing. Moreover, its initial public offering and the latest stock performance help to make a huge prospect for it in the upcoming year and hopefully, Twitter will become the next billion user platform in the 2014. Thereby, if you and your company still haven’t started to use Twitter you should not wait for a second thought.

Quality content will rule the 2014

Content is the ruler, especially, in the recent times. Not only the individual personalities but also the big business holders are trying their luck into this social web and enormously creating unique content in order to maintain the traffic of their sites.  From a large to medium even small business holders are also following this trend.  Actually, every industry is in the need of content because unique content and social media are the staircase to get a huge success. In 2014, it is sure to witness more valuable content on the web. Hence, you should try to create content with more fun, valuable information and great quality if you want to get proper attention and highly benefitted through social media. Well, now content comes with video, photos and info graphics and certainly it has become more popular than the traditional content as it able to drive more traffic.

Blogging will be an important part of marketing strategy in 2014

One of the imperative ways of increasing visits to your website is blogging. If you started to provide quality article which is optimized for search engine via a blog, then you can easily find out a website to provide all its necessary requirements. To target the inbound leads there is no better way than blogging and it is going to become a most important partof marketing strategy in 2014.



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