4 Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners in 2020

canon lens portrait wedding photography

Each wedding photographer began with their first wedding. They were taking wedding photography for beginners and learning the business.

From that, they continued to develop their portfolio, their eye and their strategy to photograph weddings.

It often helps people get into the business by helping other photographers and feeling comfortable in the fast-paced wedding environment.

However, some choose to dive into the head first and simply start taking wedding photographs.

wedding photography tips

1. Invest in a Flash

Even if you shoot primarily with natural light, investing in a flash outside the body is an absolute necessity for any beginner wedding photographer.

Your camera flash may not be enough to capture every moment perfectly. Ceremonies and interior receptions, dark churches, rainy or cloudy days; You should receive the vaccine, regardless of the situation.

2. Wear Black Comfortable Shoes

Fact: Anything you wear will be reflected in the white of a wedding dress. Wear black. Just do it. You are going to walk (and run) about a ton on this day.

Wear comfortable and stylish shoes to make sure you’re working your best and don’t get distracted by the hassle of painful footwear.

Side note: when I was a beginner wedding photographer, a fateful misunderstanding led me to appear at a wedding in black and white polka dot pants.

Fortunately, it was a beautiful vintage wedding where the bride loved them. I would not recommend playing that roulette game. You can find the best shoes to wear on fitflopshoessite.com.

3. Be Prepared with Extras

Additional batteries, additional memory cards, a variety of lenses: some photographers even shoot with a second camera. Always prepare for the worst. If you can, make a backup of your photos during a short break.

Make sure you always have a backup plan in case things go wrong. You can have more equipment; They can’t have another wedding.

4. Choose the Best Camera Lens

Camera lenses come in dozens of different focal distances. They have different openings and different characteristics.

So what is the best lens for wedding photography? The best wedding photography lens differs from one photographer to another. It is based on the shooting style and the camera body mark. You can check out the detailed guide on the best Canon lens for portraits and wedding photography.

Some photographers prefer bright primers with two bodies for quick access. Others prefer the ease and range of a zoom lens.

Having multiple lenses for weddings allows photographers to capture the moment in a narrow and narrow reception place.

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Or in an open, well-lit park. But there are some features and focal lengths that are quite standard for the professional wedding photographer.

This list of best wedding photography lenses includes everything. From lenses for multiple camera bodies, such as Nikon, Canon, Sony, and Fujifilm.

5. Be Covert, But Don’t Be Shy

Have fun, laugh, talk to people. You are capturing people you just met and need them to feel comfortable with you when you do.

Friendly people make authentic photos. You are there to work, but your work requires a lot of socialization.

6. Get Faster Memory

Because one of our best tips is to shoot in RAW, we recommend getting fast memory cards. RAW files are large and there is a lot of data to store on your memory card.

You should observe the “write” speed measured in MB / s. BEWARE! The speed indicated on the card is the transfer speed (the speed with which you transfer the files to your computer).

While it may be good to have a fast transfer speed, what you want is good write speed. 95 MB / s is a good write speed and should easily handle a continuous burst of RAW photos.

If you are going to shoot the wedding video or vlog, check out the vlogging tips for beginners. Don’t forget to share this article with the community around you if you find it helpful.