PPC and SEO – Which One is Better for Driving Maximum Traffic to a Site

ppc or seo get website traffic

When you want to improve your website’s traffic, the two names that poke into your mind are search engine optimization or Pay-per-click advertising. However, a big controversial subject of debate is who is better in the race of SEO vs. PPC? Well, both are the most powerful approaches that help to generate traffic. Though the primary goals of both of these methods are same, but their ways of working is different.

ppc-or seo get website traffic

SEO and PPC are the two different concepts that come out with different techniques. Both these effective methods are highly important for garnering traffic for a website. However, there are certain strong as well as weak points in each service that make it distinct and better from the other.

Which search marketing method is better SEO or PPC?

Through SEO marketing a website can easily improve its position in the search engine by using valuable content. In this service, you are not required to pay for the advertising service. It is true that SEO marketing helps to increase the popularity of a website naturally. But the entire process takes long time. Competition is very tough in this service and actually not as reliable as PPC.

PPC or pay per click is a marketing strategy that is in the use from the early days of World Wide Web.  It helps to post an advertisement for a company on their pages by paying to the search engine. This method is very fast, reliable and reasonable. Your website will get visitor through this service and you have to pay a certain amount of money for each visitor.

Though SEO can perform the same work, but still people keep focussing on the tried and true process of advertising. Well organized as well as optimized PPC advertising process can offer cost effective service as well. It is a very well designed service that can reach to the specific visitors who are interested in the product or the service. To get the best, fastest services businesses are shifting their interest from SEO into PPC which confirms its growing popularity in this world of internet.

Advantages of PPC advertising

PPC ads are one of the best ways to maximize your traffic and improve your inbound marketing plans. Here is a list of several advantages that PPC offers. Take a look-

  • Great speed quality: Unlike the search engine optimization, PPC offers great speed. Draw targeted visitors and relevant leads to your site.
  • Additional traffic: To expand your online visibility, it can provide additional traffic to your site so that you can build up your company and make it one of the leading companies in the nation.
  • Outstanding website traffic: Selecting different types of ad copies for particular keywords and perfect demographics can easily raise the quality of website visibility rates.

What is the scenario of SEO and PPC?

In this race of earning more dollars, many businesses are divided between search engine optimization and pay per click advertising. In the last year, we have seen a major downfall of SEO because many people were highly concerned over PPC and interested to follow it for their business. As Google algorithms keep updating, thereby, it made marketers to shift their attention on relevant and flawless content that is linked with goggle authorship rather than the keyword based content. PPC is becoming popular day by day and according to a report, nearly 72% businesses are planning to invest more on PPC in this year. However, it doesn’t mean that SEO is dead. If PPC and SEO both go side by side, then you can generate huge genuine traffic. Businesses can still better their search result with the help of keyword and backlinks.