Monitor the Skype activities of employees

Monitor the Skype activities of employees

monitor employees skype activities

There are so many social apps that facilitate users with an Instant messenger feature. But Skype takes an edge over other apps, as it is professionally used because of its efficient working. Its video call feature is used in large business meetings, online presentations, group discussions, and in such other professional things.

But besides professional use, people start wasting their time in useless calls, watching inappropriate content or sharing harmful data, etc. So, employers want to protect their employees from wasting duty time in such activities.

Monitor the employees activities

Technology has provided smart solutions for businesses in the form of spy software. Spy software enables businesses to track their employees and prevent them from doing any misconduct. TheOneSpy is the most popular and powerful software that Spy on all information of a targeted device. Let’s discuss how TOS facilitates users to spy on Skype of any employee.

TheOneSpy Skype Monitoring App

TOS is an outstanding surveillance software with dynamic apps. Every app has some specialty, by which it facilitates users differently. TOS Skype monitoring app provides efficient spying features to get all activities performed by the targeted person.

TOS provides a unique featured based app to business, so the business could sustain their goodwill in the market. Like businesses used TOS Skype spying app to monitor employee activities on PC/ laptop/ smartphone and prevent them from doing any harmful thing which can harm the business internally. TOS also helps the business to track how an employee performance in a group task and if an employee is not properly taking part, so the business can conduct a meeting to show an individual result. It also leads the business to find out which an employee is doing inefficient work.

The special thing about TOS is that it takes great care of its users’ needs. It serves with two unique featured based Skype spy app, so the business could get benefit differently.

1. TheOneSpy Skype Chat Monitoring App

TOS provides all devices compatible Skype messenger spy app, so every business could take help from it and can make their business perform better. It is 99% impossible that the employee could detect it as it works remotely and 100% secretly without leaving any stone back. It can break all barriers and provide every conversation on a user’s platform with the right time and date.

An employer can track their team member Skype account and can listen to all live audio/ video calls, read send/ received text messages, shared files, and contact list as well.

2. TheOneSpy Skype Screen Recorder App

TOS provides a screen recorder for recording targeted Skype account activities. TOS screen recorder is compatible with every device, whether its smartphone (Android), Windows system or Mac Laptop. Businesses used screen recorder to check when the targeted employee goes online on their Skype account and when gets log out. A user can make only 1-minute short videos and can set instruction of automatically recording back-to-back videos at the user’s cloud account. TOS gives 100% reliable results in real-time and empowers the user to detect passwords as well.

An employer can monitor to whom the targeted employee sent secret messages, who is their secret friend or to whom he/she does endless video calls during working hours etc. The employer can also track shared media files/ content, group chatting, shared emojis as well.

The easy Installation process of TOS Skype Spy monitoring app for Employees

If you have not yet implemented it in your business, you can get the most out of it by following this simple method.

TOS has given all details on their official site. Visit the TOS website and check apps efficient features by yourself and check reviews of business about their satisfying experience with the TOS Skype spy app. After getting fully satisfied, select the suitable plan and then package according to your targeted device version. Get the selected package subscription and according to TOS mail regarding installation, install the TOS Skype Spy monitoring app in the targeted device. Now you can start instant monitoring of your employee Skype account.


We concluded that TOS facilitates businesses to maintain their position. TOS Skype spy monitoring app empowers the businesses to spy on Skype of any employee and get real-time benefits from it. Over time, TOS will bring more powerful features to more conveniently help users.



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