Nokia N1 Z Launcher – An Amazing Tablet For The Users

Nokia N1 Z Launcher

Nokia has announced to launch the N1, the first Nokia-branded Android TM tablet in the recent time. The N1 provides the innovative, amazing Nokia N1 Tablet Z Launcher interface, and a perfectly crafted great design by Nokia with simplicity at the top of it. The N1 will be in the market in Q1 2015 via a brand-licensing agreement with OEM who is responsible for the distribution, marketing and sales. While the market value of Nokia was deteriorating day by day this step can really help it to get the best result. With amazing facilities and great battery backup this new product of Nokia will definitely manage to attract people’s attention.

The head of products at Nokia technologies Sebastian Nystrom said that it is really great to bring the brand Nokia back into customers’ hands along with the new N1 Android tablet, and it will help to make sophisticated technologies easier. He announced the launch of N1 at the Slush technology conference in Helsinki. The nest feature of the Nokia N1 Z Launcher is it has a delightfully intuitive interface and an industrial design to cope with it. This is a superb product for the Nokia fans and also for those users who are not satisfied with the current tablet.

Nokia N1 Z Launcher

Customers can use and handle a big set of applications through their digital lives. The N1 of Nokia makes it simple with the Z Launcher, which helps the users to text a letter or to get their content quickly. After some time the Z Launcher manage to learn to manage and forecasts and highlights the applications customers are expected to need based on time of day and location.

The industrial design of the N1 is developed in a way so that it can match with the elegant simplicity of the interface. It has an amazing one-piece aluminium design with a great finish in Lava Grey and Natural Aluminium colours which make it different from other popular tablets. The 7.9″ laminated display comes in a 6.9mm thin as well as light design and it helps to make the device comfortable to hold. In fact you can hold it with one hand. A 2.4 GHz Intel© Atom TM quad-core processor offers great facilities for the Android Lollipop operating system on this N1.

From 2015 this N1, the new product of Nokia will be available in china for an estimated USD 249 before taxes, with the expectation of expanding sales to the markets.

This is going to be the best product in the next year for its amazing design and special features. Nokia is going to get back its market with the help of this tablet. Now people use different tablets for enjoying its facilities but within few days with this Nokia N1 Z launcher they are going to have fun. However, it will not be so expensive like Apple’s product so you will be able to buy it easily. Within a few days your life will become incomplete without this Nokia N1 Z launcher.

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Xiaomi Mi3 The Latest Craze In India’s Smart Phone Market

xiaomi mi3

India is one of the biggest and most attractive markets for almost each local and foreign brand, and India’s smart phone market is always flooded with latest smart phones with latest technology and newest features. From budget phones to high end phones, a number of smart phones are launched each year in India, and a few of them rule over market and impress the users. There are several new phones are available in the India’s smart phone market, Xiami Mi3 is one among them which are much talked about and it is making crazy to the people of India. Let’s find out what is the reason behind it.

xiaomi mi3

Basically, one thing is found common in all smart phones that same kind of phones with some added features or some modernization’s are launched into the market. Chinese Companies are one of the greatest reasons which has assisted to lessen the price of the smart phones, and now another company named Xiaomi has launched its smart phone ‘Mi3’ to stand firmly against some big brands like Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus. let’s take a look on its biggest attractions, features, and rating of critic and users.

Some Big Attractions –

If we talk about its power, it is equipped with QUALCOMM snapdragon 800 8274AB 2.3 GHz processor, Andreno 330 450 MHz GPU, 2GB LPDDR3 RAM, and EMMC 4.5 flash memory. Experts see some controversial elements in software, as the smart phone performs at 4.3 Jelly Bean which is supposed to be an outdated version of android. Its interface has also been customized a lot, so no Google product is found but its alternatives have been used. It may not be as user friendly as other smart phones, but you may find it pretty quick. However, experts say it performs superbly because of its hardware. As the phone is equipped with a popular GPU, it offers extra graphical effects. It is equipped with a big screen so, it also offers good gaming experience.

For the decent battery backup, it is incorporated with a 3,050 mAh battery. The battery is found more powerful than the Galaxy S5 or HTC One M8. While testing it with MP4 video by expert, it works only for around 11 hours which was lesser than the Sony Xperia Z2, its two power modes –

1. High performance

2. Battery saving

The smart phone is equipped with mono speaker, so it is not supposed to deliver high quality, however, call quality was observed decent. For the camera, it is incorporated with a 13 megapixels 1/3.06 inch chip coupled with dual LED flash and f/2.2 aperture. It also has a sensor Sony IMX135 which is also not the latest.


First, if we talk about rating of Expert’s and users, we find that it scores well as its overall rating is 8 out of 10 by experts and from users’ point of view, it also scores brilliantly for its overall rating is 8.9. Experts rating is almost same as it gets same points for almost all features, contrary to it, users most like its display because it is got 9.7 points, according

Key Features –

15/64 GB Storage, 5 inches 1080p LCD screen, Android 4.3 with me interface.

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Users Feedback – Google Nexus 5 Showing Many Problems

Nexus 5 is the latest smart phone and the most dominant Nexus phone, which is launched with several amazing features and Android 4.4 KitKat operating system. Besides its being first smart phone working on KitKat, it is built solid and weighed light as well. The phone comes with 5 inches full HD display with 1920×1080 pixels resolution and 445 ppi and it is equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The phone is bundled up in 69.17 mm wide, 137.84 mm long, and 8.59 mm thick body, which is simple but striking. It weighs only 130 Gm so you can keep it in your palm comfortably.

Main Attractions of the Phone-

The phone has launched with many attractions so that users may feel a different experience. Some of its main attractions are given below.

  • First Phone with KitKat version of Android Operating System-

The Android 4.4 KitKat operating system is considered a powerful, fast, and simple in use. Therefore, users may experience getting stuff done fast with simple operating steps.

  • Unlimited Fun-

Users with the phone have over 1 million apps and games to enjoy besides infinite music along with the radio station by Google Play.

  • Speed and Power-

The phone comes with 800 Qualcomm Snapdragon processor of 2.26 GHz, which is capable to offer you better and smooth multi-functionality. It is incorporated with ultra fast Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE, so you can stay connected at fast speed.

There are many other stunning features linked with this phone.

Users Feedback-

The phone has come with several amazing features, which has impressed users a lot; but, having used this phone, users have found some problems which are irritating them.

Speaker and Audio Quality – Users have observed that the sound is very low; some others have complained about the quality of audio. Muffling has been noticed at low levels of volumes.

Sound Problem Google Nexus 5

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Problems With Display – Users also have become aware of Dead Pixels, which is a mark on the screen; this kind of mark is never changed.

Display Problem Google Nexus 5

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Issues With Its Wi-Fi – According to many people, Wi-Fi is not working well. They complain that first, it does not connect or if somehow connects, it drops as you shift to a small distance.

Powers Buttons – Problem with its power buttons has been noticed by its users, they complain when the phone Vibrates, it rattles. Besides Ceramic button is also creating problems for its users. It is being said to be too sharp.

Power Problem Google Nexus 5

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Battery – Battery is most important for any smart phone, everyone wants a battery offering good back-up, but according to users, the battery is also not working expectedly as it is draining fast and it also takes longer time for charging it.

Camera – Camera of the smart phone has also been experienced issues like slow auto focus and dim photo. However, it is said that these problems are occurring because of software problem which can be fixed.

Google Now – It has also been reported that users are facing problem with Google Now. It has some problem when it is loaded, besides synching problem. To sort-out this problem, Google advocates you to send feedback

Hope these issues will be fixed shortly.