Who Dominate The Mobile Gaming Market in 2021

Who Dominate The Mobile Gaming Market in 2021


The mobile gaming market is a fast-growing market and smartphones have given it an extra stimulation through which it expanded rapidly, it is hoped that it will keep growing with an unexpected speed in the future as well.

If we cast look over the growth of the gaming market over the last two or more years, we can know what differences have come with the growth of the gaming market.


It is true that the demand for smartphones in 2021 will grow very fast; yes, it is a different thing that according to market experts, the demand for high-end and budget phones will go down.

The growing demand for smartphones will definitely boost the demand for mobile games.

All major specialists of this industry are also giving a positive sign to it, so doubting over it is nothing but a wild choice chase.

No doubt, it will grow rapidly in 2021 but predicting anything about “Who Dominate The Mobile Gaming Market in 2021” is not really an easy task.

If we take a look overgrowth of different gaming markets, other reports, and collected pieces of data, we can have an idea about it.

China’s Mobile GamingMarket: it is estimated by some market analysts that the year 2021 will be a good one for China’s mobile gaming market. According to J.P. Morgan, China’s Mobile Gaming Market Cap will reach around $20 billion in markets in 2021. He also adds that mobile gaming marketing will grow 29% more than PC Gaming Marketing.

Growth of Google’s Android Games: Although the whole gaming market has grown well yet Growth of Google’s Android apps is miraculous. According to Distimo’s 2020 year in Review report which is released recently, $ 12 million revenue was generated during the month of November by the top 200 apps of the Google play store. It will be a big surprise for you to know the revenue of the top 200 apps in the same duration last year; it was only 3.5 million dollars. This bit soars is enough to have an idea of the future growth of the Google Android Game.

Apple’s App store: It is still the biggest player in the mobile gaming market. The revenue of the top 200 apps was estimated at $18 million this year. The revenue of this big player’s top 200 apps was $ 15 million in November last. Although this is the biggest player in this market but the growth in revenue noticed in two years does not seem much impressive as that of Google’s Android. This might have a big concern for the game development software company.

Top apps on Apple and Google– If We talk about Apple’s top apps, we find that The list of top 10 highest growing apps was released in 2020 or before it. While 4 out of 10 top highest growing apps in Google play store were released in 2020. This means that Google offers good opportunities for those who wish to come into this industry.

On the basis of the above-mentioned points, we may say that the competition will remain stiff between both of them – one who is growing fast and the other who is at the top. As Google has grown, it cannot be said that it may not leave Apple behind.

Although the difference between the revenue gained by both is big, it cannot be said it is impossible for Google as we have read above about the speed of Google that how it is growing.

On the other hand, If we talk about Apple, we know that it is the Topper of the mobile gaming market and will make every possible effort to secure its position in the smartphone gaming market.

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