MilesWeb Review – Is Their Hosting As Good As They Claim?

MilesWeb Review – Is Their Hosting As Good As They Claim?

MilesWeb Review

Why compromise with hosting resources when you can get unlimited hosting?

A growing business cannot afford website downtime at any time. Resources shortage is a common reason that affects the website’s performance. Any website in its growing stage consumes more resources and to cope up with it, a site must be provided with unlimited web hosting plan. So, don’t just rely on any ordinary web hosting company instead get a trusted one. The name that comes to my mind with unlimited and robust web hosting is MilesWeb. They provide the best, outstanding, brisk and steadfast hosting services that are backed by the technical experts’ team round the clock.

MilesWeb was started in the year 2012 with an aim to provide the best web hosting service at affordable prices. When the company started, the hosting industry was already covered by some of the other brands. But, eventually, people understood, that MilesWeb provides the same plans but at an affordable price and with better services. MilesWeb has always got recognition for their technical support service, and thus now have over 20,000 happy customers.

With unlimited web hosting plans you get unlimited features that grow your business. Some of the features are:

1) Free SSL Certificate

SSL certificate encrypts the information been transferred between the user browser and your server. It also helps in boosting your site’s ranking in search engine result pages.

2) Pure SSD Storage

All websites at MilesWeb are stored on servers having SSD storage. SSD accelerates the sites 200% faster than its previous speed.

3) Free Site Builder

With MilesWeb’s site builder, you can create your website. It is a simple tool, that simply enables you to choose the theme and insert content into it so that the website can be launched in a jiff.

4) cPanel Control Panel

A web-based graphical cPanel helps you to manage the site easily. The unlimited web hosting allows you to experience the ability to perform tasks quickly, easily and reliably. The cPanel that you get with MilesWeb allows you to create FTP accounts, databases, email accounts, etc.

5) 1-click Installer

A website can need applications at any stage. So, that time one doesn’t need to waste time following the long installation process. 1 click installer allows you to install over 400 applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc in just a click.

6) Instant Account Setup

Take business online instantly. Once your payment gets confirmed, the hosting account is set up within no time. Shortly you will receive a welcome email with the cPanel login credentials and the account is set up.

7) Latest PHP and MySQL

Outdated software is risky for operation and they may limit the use of amazing features. Thus, MilesWeb provides updates software and after purchasing also your software gets updated with a new version automatically.

8) Malware Scan and Removal

Hackers always try new methods to hack the good sites. MilesWeb takes the care that your site doesn’t become a victim and protects t from all vulnerabilities. The malware removal tool prevents your site from all types of threats and malware.

9) Datacenter Choice

To reach out to your audience globally, you can select a data-center location present globally.  During the sign-up process, you get an option to select your favorite location.

Want to get started with MilesWeb now?

Well, you can definitely. If you are already a hosting user but don’t want to continue with your current hosting provider. Then, MilesWeb is always ready to help you. Contact their support team, and they will migrate your data from the current provider to MilesWeb’s server for free of cost. While migrating they ensure that no data is lost and the website doesn’t face any downtime.

Many people ask me whether do they need to have the technical knowledge to host their website.

Well, no you don’t need to have the technical knowledge to host any kind of website. Hosting providers look after all the technical issues, and if anything goes wrong, reach their support team and get your problem to solve within minutes. MilesWeb provides 24/7/365 days of technical support.

Are you looking for a free domain?

Then, MilesWeb is a perfect hosting partner for you. They provide free domain with their Swift and Turbo hosting plans. Additionally, you also get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited email accounts with these plans.

Here are client review about MilesWeb,

Review by Tulasi Sridhar Bolla
Review by Bhuma

Conclusion – Unlimited hosting resources are a need for all types of websites. A website needs to sustain sudden traffic spikes and serve all visitors within minimum page loading time. MilesWeb provides 99.95% uptime to all the websites hosted with them. You can try the services for 30 days, and if didn’t find them satisfactory then you can ask for the refund amount. All your money will be refunded within 30 days of a purchase order. This is a trusting factor with MilesWeb.



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