Latest Social Media Photo Editor FaceApp

Latest Social Media Photo Editor FaceApp


In case you find your social media feed full of gender-swapped, younger and older images of your friends – don’t worry! Its only FaceApp! This is the trendiest and famous free image editor app which can fully change your appearance with just a click of a button.

FaceApp can make some realistic images of you, your family and friends by aging or de-aging them, increasing their smile, or changing their gender. The best fact about this app is that it comes for free, although some features cannot be unlocked as they are paid features; hence, you might not be capable of doing everything you wish to do with this app without paying additional. There have also been privacy and security concerns regarding the data collection of this app, which will be discussed in this blog as well.


However, if you want to play around with your images and your friends’ images, read on to know how to download and use FaceApp with ease.

How Can You Download FaceApp?

You can find FaceApp on both iOS and Android app store. So, it can be directly downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store now. Download this app simply like any other application. You may require entering your password to sign in or register your fingerprint for downloading FaceApp.

How Can You Use FaceApp?

The easy-to-use interface of FaceApp enables to edit both new selfie images captured within the app’s camera and older images already stored on your device. You can easily do this from the app’s home screen. Just choose an image by selecting ‘All Photos’ along the screen’s bottom or line up your face for taking a picture within the camera of the app.

The picture you choose will start on a filter named Original, but in case you scroll right, you will get options like Male, Female, Young, Old, Spark, Smile, and Smile 2. Both Smile options will open your mouth and incorporate some teeth, whereas Spark will make your skin tone smooth. There are also male and female options which offer you more feminine and masculine features.

However, the old and young are the funniest options which will either make you look like a kid or supply wrinkles. When you scroll left, you will find options for making collages of your images to display multiple edited images together in a single shareable image and GIFs.

How Can You Share FaceApp Images?

After making your masterpiece, you will find sharing icons appeared under the photo. At the bottom, the down-facing arrow will enable you to download the image while there are more options to share the image on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You will also get an option to share across other applications like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

What Do You Need to Pay for?

FaceApp has a paid option also, but usually, it did not provide many more features over the app’s paid version. The updated version of the app contains more beauty and style filters, but you will require paying for accessing them.

The new filter will enable you to make your skin ton smooth, offer you facial hair or a more dramatic appearance. For paying for FaceApp, you need to navigate to the ‘Settings’ section and click the ‘Buy’ button. Then, the app will redirect you to the App Store or Play Store for completing the purchase.

What Are The Privacy Concerns?

Privacy must be a concern, whenever you are planning to install a viral app like FaceApp. Although it’s for fun, by installing it, you are generally agreeing to offer a third-party some data regarding you in exchange for that fun.

To put FaceApp on your Android phone, you need to offer it access to in-app purchases, media files, your camera, device storage, and photos. This is quite straightforward for an app which requires taking an image of you for working and needs to save that image to your phone so you can give surprises to your dear ones.

FaceApp has not appeared to raise as many red signals till now among the privacy-wary as another image editor app named Meitu did. However, FaceApp’s privacy policy has still been dragging people out. As per that policy, FaceApp tracks and gather lots of data regarding you from your device whenever you utilize the app, both for the purposes of displaying you a lot of advertisements and enhancing the service. Although some features are unusual, FaceApp is still a different one to use for enjoying fun elements.



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