Instagram Widget Tools And Its Benefits

Instagram has grown immensely over the years, not only for personal use but also for business purposes. Instagram has reached about 1 billion active users. So why not use Instagram for business purposes?

If you have a website and a decent amount of visitors to it, you can attach your Instagram feed to your website, and you can grow your Instagram following while you grow your website by using Instagram widgets. Now the question pops up in our mind. What are Instagram Widgets?

Instagram Widgets are tools that allow you to display content from Instagram on your websites. The content may be in any form; it could be videos, texts, or GIFs—widgets curate content from Instagram through hashtags, accounts, and mentions. 

Let’s have a look at various Instagram Widgets :

1 TAGGBOX Widget

Taggbox Widget is a User-generated content platform that helps marketers to increase their sales by increasing user engagement and building trust. It aggregates content from different social media platforms and creates a social feed that can be easily displayed on large TV screens or can be embedded into your website. 

With Taggbox Widget, you can pull in Instagram posts from particular hashtags and handles. Once the posts are collected, the tools provide you with amazing features to make your wall attractive. 

Features like a personalization panel that allows you to add different themes, and backgrounds, design your own banner, change card style, etc. Another feature is the moderation panel which allows you to filter and remove the posts manually before making them public. Taggbox Widget offers additional features like analytics, UGC rights management, custom CSS, and many more 


Zoom widget is a tool that is responsive to WordPress. You can create customizable Instagram feeds and embed them on your website. It provides you with incredible layouts to choose from – full-width layouts and grid layouts. For extra customizability, you have the option to customize the design via CSS if needed. It also lets you place a follow button via which users can directly land on the Instagram page to view the posts.


Snapwidget is an extremely user-friendly and easy-to-use widget. With this widget, you can embed Instagram posts on your website. As soon as posts are posted on Instagram the widget automatically updates them on your website. Snap Widget provides features like the Instagram grid, Instagram slideshow, Instagram popups, and more. With such features, you can change the look and feel of your website wall and make it look attractive.

4 Light widget

Light widget is a responsive widget. It helps in driving your website traffic to your Instagram handle for more followers. Light widget provides options like padding, square crops hashtag filtering, and easy setup linking your website.

5 Elfsight 

Elfsight is a tool that makes embedding Instagram posts on your website very easy. Photos or videos from any public account on Instagram or hashtags can be displayed. You can always mix them together and create a feed – Elfsight supports any type of combination. It also gives you different templates, sliders, grid layouts, and flexible moderation features.


1. Boost Brand Awareness

When the customers themselves speak about a particular brand and their experiences it gives more popularity to that brand because people definitely take notice of the positive opinions of existing customers

2. Building trust through social proof

Trust in the brand is built when people actually mention your brand in their social posts. Their opinions and experiences displayed on social media constitute social proof. People count on this social proof rather than the brand commercials which are made by the company themselves 

3. Web look and feel

The look and feel of a website can be made more attractive and dynamic by the use of Instagram widgets so that it attracts customers towards the features of your website

4. Audience exposure and reach

In order to expose your brand to a larger audience user-generated content is always a better option as it reaches those customers who are untapped or not even familiar with your brand. Reviews and pictures shared by a large audience give a brand optimum exposure and reach

5. Cost-Effective

Apart from making the looks of the website attractive and dynamic, the Instagram widgets are helpful in saving costs also. Depending on the tools and features their costs can be determined but anyways this is extremely manageable and always gives extra profit to the brand


In short in today’s competitive world looking at the growing popularity of Instagram, it is advisable that the brand’s businessmen and individuals should make the maximum use of Instagram widgets tools and embed their social media feeds on their website

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