How many Domain Classes are Available?

A domain classes name is also called the web address that will help the browser to find the website that you are searching for. The registered domain name should be unique to your business and it should not be used by anyone else. To make it simpler, a domain for the website is the same as the street name and door number for your house. 

Is the domain name more important? 

It might be the businessman, individual, if you are looking for the online presence, the domain becomes undeniable. The combination of the website, domain name, and email address will help you to have a strong online presence with a unique identity. For business, this is much needed when you need to enhance brand awareness, build credibility and protect the trademarked and copyrights.

Domain Classes

Available types of domain names? 

Top-Level Domain (TLD): this refers to the suffix or the final part of the domain name. There is the list of predefined suffixes that includes, 

  • .com: This will be the most suitable option when you are looking for a website for commercial purposes. Remember that your audiences are more experienced with this domain name. 
  • .gov: As the name indicates, is owned by the government agencies 
  • .org: This is the domain suitable for some of the organizations like the non-profitable organization 
  • .edu: these are chosen by the educational institutions 
  • .mil: All the websites that deal exclusively for the military information will make use of these domain names 
  • .net: If your name to establish the website that relates to the network organization, this would be suitable 

These TLDs are further classified into two different categories called 

  • Generic top-level domains: It is the name that helps in identifying the domain class and it will be commonly associated with some names like .com, .org, .edu, and several others 
  • Country code top-level domains: these are the two-letter domain extension like .fr or .uk that will be assigned to the countries or the geographical area. 


This refers to the new Top-Level Domain name that is geared with the brand organizations and services. These will be customized, relevant and flexible. Some examples for this type would be .app, .voyage, .cool, .ninja and several others. 

Choose the right one! 

When you need to make the best choice, you need to consider lots of factors associated with it. Choosing the wrong one might end up with some hassles. So, take enough measures and choose the best domain for your business.

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