How Google Android Users Will Restore Factory Settings

Time has gone when phones are considered a device for calling only, now it has become such inseparable device, which helps you in regulating your life – personal or professional. As the time is passing, so we all are growing more and more dependent on it. The device, at this time, deals, for much extent, with your private information which is one of very serious concern since we often hear about online frauds which are possible because of leaking your personal details.

Why is Restore Factory Settings needed? Nowadays trying latest devices became a fashion, so it becomes more important to wipe out all information from your devices before you change your used device to a latest one so that it cannot be misused by anyone. However, security, or privacy issues are not only grounds that you need to restore factory setting. Besides this, if you experience that your device is loading slowly, or malfunctioning or your device has some connection issues, you may use it as a last attempt before going to the service center.

What is Restore Factory Settings? – Restore Factory Setting also called A Factory Reset or Master Reset, is a method to restore the device to its original state. This progression removing all information, data, and softwares from the devices takes device back in original state which is set by the manufacturer.

What preparations are necessary for Restore Factory Settings? – As I mentioned above that it removes all your information, data, and applications loaded by you will be wiped out itself, so it is highly recommended you to protect all that so that you need not to face any problem after performing Restore Factory Setting. You need to back-up your all personal data and applications which you want to use later. You can store that in your PC, micro SD Card or online storage.

How to perform Restore Factory Setting – First of all what you need to do is to find out SETTING into your device. After finding SETTING, you find options like – Applications, Accounts and Synch, Storage, Language and Keyboard, Accessibility, Voice input, and output besides PRIVACY. Now it is time to go to PRIVACY option. Here you have to mark the back-up and reset boxes, and finally you have to go to factory reset and tap reset device. Now you will see a kind of notice informing you that the process will erase all data from your phone’s internal memory including application data and downloaded applications. Now you need to tap reset device, you have option to wipe your micro SD card as well. Checking this box means you want to wipe out your card too. Now you have to confirm it one more time by pressing ERASE EVERYTHING, and as you confirm it, the process will start.

As the process is not a light one, so it takes a bit longer time.  After being completed the process, your device will reboot. Now you will find this device as a new one, and you may feel that the slower loading problem or the problem of malfunctioning have been sorted-out. You may feel as if you were using a new device.

1 .  From the Home screen, press the Menu button and go to Settings.

Android Restore Factory Settings

2. Select Privacy and then Factory data reset.

Android Restore Factory Settings

3. Verify the information on the screen and press Reset phone.


Android Restore Factory Settings

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