Deal Your Potential Customers with Facebook Fan Page

Deal Your Potential Customers with Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Fan Page

In modern times, post 2004 social networking sites like Facebook are a great way to connect with your family and friends located far away because of a job or otherwise. In Facebook there exists an option to create Facebook pages. The pages that the user creates are mainly used to advertise and promote almost anything under the sun. Moreover these pages are a good way to connect to your audiences. Users try to make their Facebook pages more attractive in order to grab viewer’s attention. If the user is a celebrity then it is quite natural that the celebrity user will try to attract audiences with the help of that Facebook page. In this situation that relevant Facebook page is referred to as the fan page. There are a number of ways by which Facebook fan page optimization can occur thereby making the fan page into a dynamic and engaging place for one’s Facebook fans.

Facebook Fan Page

Be Unique

The Facebook page should not be dull and boring. Instead it should be filled with information and pictures thereby making it attractive to viewers. Moreover the page should contain unique contents and should stand out from the rest. Efforts therefore should be given towards designing the Facebook fan page to make it popular.

Don’t Use A Generic Landing Page

Since Facebook allows the celebrity user to customize as to what page different types of visitors land on therefore you a celebrity user can definitely show new visitors totally different message than people who are already fans on that page. The celebrity user can very well give information to first time visitors about one’s company or site and this in turn would give them a good reason of joining. Since one’s Facebook walls are not that informative therefore it is better not to allow visitors land on one’s walls.

Give Something Away Quickly

There are people who will join a celebrity page without reason but in order to grow Facebook presence for a celebrity it is always important for him or her to give some resources back to the community or niche. This will definitely aid the celebrity in reaching potential fans in the niche who might not have known about the Facebook page.

Use A Large Profile Picture

While using Facebook fans of every celebrity love to see their celebrity or product photos and therefore it is advised for a celebrity to use a large profile picture. This helps in branding and thereby adds trust to the profile.

Tag Fans In Photos

A good business trick is to tag photos of one’s fans because many fans have Facebook notifications and when they are tagged then they receive alert messages prompting them to bring to the fan page. One’s fans also have the option to upload photos as well but the celebrity is careful enough to avoid any kind of Spam messages. Adding photos to the Facebook fan page helps the celebrity in giving back something and simultaneously through fan page the celebrity is successful in planting the brand image in the fan’s mind.

Use Contests

Also the celebrity can take part in contests as these make the fan page more engaging. They also are an incentive for potential fans to join. These contests can therefore be excellent marketing tools if done appropriately.

Like these there are many customer leads with Facebook for normal users. And more the viewership greater will be the advertisement and subsequent marketing of the brand. With Facebook monetization one can even earn money by sitting at home and browsing Facebook profiles.

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