Celebrating Love- Apps Are The New Way to One’s Heart

With globalization having spread its wings into the various corners of India, there has been a significant change in the outlook of the people. Whether this change is good or bad, or at all needed is something which is another topic of debate, we can surely assess the various ways in which this change can be felt in our daily lives. Technological advancement has taken the country by storm. High powered gadgets, the internet and touch screen phones make it easier for us to get a particular job done. No, wonder these gadgets took no time in becoming so acceptable and popular! With the advent of the android platform and the windows operating system in mobile phones, the demand for applications saw a never before high curve. All the hue and cry about apps reached their peak with the launch of Angry Birds application, which witnessed an unprecedented popularity. Today, we will try to look at how apps have come to redefine the ways of expressing love.

love apps

14th of February is globally acknowledged as the day of love. Many, however, in all the hustle bustle of the day forget to honour or at least take a few minutes to remember the person who actually sacrificed himself for love- St. Valentine. Red roses, chocolate boxes, gifts, confetti- are what define this day of love today. No, wait, if we are to talk about celebrating the day of love then another thing needs to be added to the above list- yes, you guessed it right, the new Valentine’s Day apps.

This Valentine’s Day saw the launch of numerous “love” apps. Starting from dedicating special songs for your beloved to creating personalized cards- these apps did not leave out any virtual medium of expressing love. Both the windows as well as the android platform launched these love apps. In fact there was a vast array of apps and people really found it very hard to select one from them. The plus point of these apps was that all of them were user-friendly. With easy navigating and downloading options the popularity of these apps could not be curbed.

All being said and done about these apps, what really remains to be explored here is that is this storm of love apps here to stay? These special Valentine’s Day apps definitely saw a level of acceptance this year. People went on an app download spree two or three days prior to the d-day. App reviews which were posted almost everywhere helped in promoting these apps. Now, is this a short-lived trend or is this here to stay? There is one possible conclusion to this. Technology is ever-evolving- it was only a few decades ago that wireless telephones were invented and today we are video-chatting! Who knows, where technology will take us next. But this can be said that change is the inherent nature of this field. People will surely remember the emergence and the usage of these love apps, but probably by the time you are ready to celebrate the next Valentine’s Day, there will be something new- a completely different way of expressing your love!

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