SnapChum – A Marketing Gamut for Online Business

guide-to-generate traffic from Pintrest

To start a business nowadays and get done with effective marketing is easier than previous days with the help of social networking sites like SnapChum. But the real challenge is to find the rate of prosperity among other business competitors. To know how many people are interested in your business and how many customers you will get is the main thing of concern for a start up.

Ever wondered how nice it would be to know the interested customers and the followers of your company or business? Well, now it’s more easy to find customers and interested people for your business.

With the help of Snapchum, you can now be closer to your customers and know about the prospective customers. Snapchum provides you with real time followers, non-followers, mutual friends and fans of your company.

guide-to-generate traffic from Pintrest

What is Snapchum?

Snapchum is a software developed by which acts as a marketing and analysis tool for publishing your website via Pinterest & Instagram. At first you have to register with your name, email id, password and then after creating your account, you can see your follower list. You can also avail more features by using their paid service at a very nominal cost.

This publishing is generally done via Pinterest as it is the place for new ideas. But every new business or company have to maintain some social profile for their publishing. So, if you can publish your own company via other sites, then why do you need Snapchum?

Well the answer lies here:

  • Every business needs to have a social media profile to attract more people but the real task is to maintain the followers. So, Snapchum allows you to maintain these followers and fans via Pinterest which has 100 million visits per day.
  • You can find out who followed or unfollowed you on Pinterest recently & unfollow your recent unfollowers or follow back your recent followers.
  • You can find your fans and mutual friends on Pinterest & shortlist whom you do not want to unfollow or add them to blacklist if you do not want to follow them ever.
  • You can also reach out to your target audience across different time zones by scheduling & uploading your pins in bulk and save time so that your pins get maximum views and this large will attract followers having keen interest on your company.
  • You can upload multiple images in a single pin and team members without sharing Pinterest password.

Why Pinterest?

Here you can create a pin board where you can publish pictures and videos of your company with appealing titles and comments. Users will be able to see them frequently and will get interested in your company. It is advised to maintain a positive follower – following ratio and also monitor the competitors. You can widen your reach of publishing via Pinterest and also you can publish your products in other social media sites once your pins have been published. You can express a lot more via an image or a video clip that is more effective in publishing your company. By scheduling your pins with Snapchum, you can freely work on your company’s development without the thought of publishing your company.

So it is advisable to use Snapchum for your own benefit but to get more convinced you definitely need to start using it just for your company.

Above Image Credits from Snapchum

Utilities of Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 4

In this era, technology is starting to stroke the sky and numerous user-friendly equipments are being invented. Common people habitually prefer portable as well as light weight products. The Apple Company has newly launched the Apple Watch which has numerous of features and also trouble-free to use. This is the only reason why it is effortlessly magnetizing customers’ attention. The Apple Watch is nothing but a wrist watch with incredible features and it helps to fix with other iOS devices of Apple and to transfer the Watch content to iPad or iPhone or such kind of devices.

Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS

The Features:

The features are only and mainly responsible for the selling, whatever the product is. Here some important features of Apple Watch are given as follows which put in to its price primarily include:

Curved Screen: This feature provides the watch a graceful and a stylish appearance.

Bluetooth: This helps out the Watch to pair and connect easily with different Apple devices namely Apple iPad, iPhone to name a few.

Voice Controller: This feature eases the practice and the customer may simply command straight away to get the order completed in a moment.

Password Protection: This feature protects the data from the risk of leakage. The password will only be in the knowledge of the user and thus no second person will be able to can steal the data from the said device.

Wrist Convenience: As it is very light weight, it can be put on the wrist by any one and easily carried wherever.

OLED Screen: From all screening viewpoints, the customer will get sharp and clean images through the OLED screen.

Battery: The battery has a lengthy and enhanced life so the consumer won’t call for to charge the watch twice or thrice in a day. On this point, several have tinted a copyright on the wireless charging of Apple.

Design: The flexible and curved screen allows the Watch to be flat and smoother one also, enfold around the wrists of an enormous series of customers. It also utilizes the kinetic as well as solar energy so as to stay the battery toped up.

Pricing: The officially announced ranges of the watch by the Apple Company are from £600 to £800. In Dollar the same would be found as $150 USD. However, in some of the regions like Asia, Dubai, India, Pakistan the Watch price will be altered.

Apple Watch Series 4

In the ending we can conclude that the Apple Watch can be considered as a smart-phone which keeps the user updated in every respect like timing, place, date and information regarding all respect. Also it has come with a reasonable price. The upgradable features have made the device more users friendly. The alarm and reminder feature helps the consumer in recalling the important events. The connectivity feature mostly mentions Bluetooth in order to ease the transfer of contents to other different Apple devices. Also, the curved OLED screen provides a fashionable look along with vivid images. The watch being portable and light weight so why don’t anyone goes for it?

Top 5 Android Apps: Big Earning Opportunity On Mobile Recharge

smartphone apps

The market for Smartphone app is a big market and it is flourishing day by day, that’s the reason, we have a great number of smartphone apps whether it is about entertainment, fashion, health, news, money, chat, messaging, calling or other activity, we can find an app for almost every task. There are a number of apps through which you can stay connected with your friends and family, many other apps offer you all kind news at a single click, and you can also use apps for health as well.

smartphone apps

If we talk about Android Apps, we find that they rule over a big part of mobile market, the reason of it is its being available for every level. We can see High-end android smart phones as well as budget android smart phones. Budget android smart phone have captured a comparative big part of the android smart phone’s market, so the demand of the android apps is increasing day by day. The competition among the companies has grown very stiff, so all companies are trying new formulas for attracting maximum number of clients. Now a day offering free mobile recharge has also become an affecting tool for attracting clients. On making search, you find a number of android apps which offer you mobile recharge or some cash back, if you opt for downloading those apps. Here are some android apps through which you can have free mobile recharge.

Earn lock – An app which gives you an opportunity to gain free talk time worth 900 every month for any mobile network. You can redeem this free airtime in multiple of 150. Earn lock display content on your lock screen, so it pays you free talk time for any operator. It also offers you 5 rupees talk value when you refer it to you friend. The app can be downloaded from Play Store.

Free Rs 100 Mobile Recharge – Another app developed by the WoodSoft technology is also such app which offers around Rupees 100 talk time weekly, if your luck is with you. You need to download the app and participate in surveys. It offers free mobile recharge to almost all networks including Aircel, Idea, Tata Docomo, Loop mobile, MTS, Airtel, Reliance (Both CDMA & GSM), Vodafone, BSNL, and Uninor. It also suggests a list of apps to download, and if you download apps from that list, you can earn Rs 10 for each app.

Paisawiz Android App – It is one of the popular android apps which are rapidly being downloaded by Indian users. The app offers free talk time on your mobile phone. To avail this opportunity, you just need to download this app and register to create your account. Now, you can see offers on Offerwall, according you can earn free Airtime.

Similar other apps which also offer you free talk value are mCent app and Amulyam.

mCent App – It can be downloaded from the link and you need to download the apps given in the list, now all set to earn recharge worth Rs 100.

Amulyam – It charges any phone when you earn 10 rupees talk values.

If you know such more app that gives Opportunity to earn let us know by commenting below!!!

Strategies to Build Your Business Through Pinterest

build business strategies through pinterest

The world has changed a lot after the advent of  various social networking websites such as Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, Google plus, Instagram, Pinterest. Our lives have changed a lot after these came in. There was a revolution in our society after these social networking websites came in.

Pinterest is a visual based social network website which was launched in the year 2009 much after Facebook and Twitter. The website came with a vision to change our lives further. It allowed users to pin in their photos, snaps in a very  organized manner. The interest for Pinterest among users grew very rapidly. It was the first of the kind where the website was exclusively designed to  allow the users to share their snaps and also visualize a lot of photos  in a very disciplined fashion.  Today it is the third highest accessed social network site after Facebook and twitter.

build business strategies through pinterest

Unlike other social networking sites, Pinterest  too having both platforms for personal and business use. The website has the capability to drive a lot of referral traffic which is a major interest for the marketers of the current world. In the lines to follow let us see how Pinterest can help us to boost our business.

The best way to start with   is by using graphical representation of the users such as graphics, charts, pie charts, histograms, tables. This kind of information graphic representation helps a lot of marketers to attract the user attention towards their respective product due to its simplicity.

The tag and pin in individual option in Pinterest can be the next way to get into the users mind. This not only helps to catch the user interest easily, but also helps in diverting the interest of the other uses following the one before.

The next best thing that the marketer can do to attract users is through videos. Pinterest allows to post videos. But it is always better to post the link of the video rather than uploading the entire video itself. This helps to create a lot of curiosity across minds and thus fetches more traffic than the normal uploading.

Through Repin option, Pinterest can help in to get in more visits to the respective account. When we Repin on others pinned in a snap, the respective user receives an alert in their respective emails. This may initiate the interest level of the respective individual   for the link.  Thus gives an opportunity to get the flow of the users in the respective account.

Accessing the Pinterest account on a frequent note can help to keep in touch with the users. Frequently updating the account can help in to get more traffic of users towards the respective account. Using the Smartphone app can help us to update the respective account on a frequent and faster pace than the notebook computer.

Engaging the users through various online events such as competitions, polling and contests on the respective company’s  product can help to build more awareness about the company’s brand  in the minds of the customers and that can help to drive in more users about the brand and that can help the company to reach to the target audience group in a desired manner.

The Importance of Pinterest as a Business Development Strategy

As this year draws to a close more and more people are curious to know the social network trends, social consumer behaviours and brand social media results of the coming year. The social marketing strategy of 2014 depends on certain factors discussed below.

Social networks and their growth

Facebook still reigns in the social media kingdom as the numbers of users using Facebook are constantly on the rise. People choose Facebook over Google and other social media. Though the numbers of mobile Facebook users are increasing yet majority users prefer Facebook from a desktop. Numbers of users using Instagram are increasing by the day as many people are showing interest in visual content creation and consumption. Almost a sixth of internet users worldwide use Pinterest;. These users are well educated and are from the high income group. The number of users using Tumblr and Pinterest is high as compared to the number of users of Twitter and linked and moreover the time expended on Tumblr and Pinterest is more as compared to other social networking websites.

Importance of Pinterest in Business Development Strategy

The consumer behavior in the society

Most consumers believe that social networks help them in discovering new brands, product and services. About 60 out of every hundred linked in users have clicked on an advertisement on the site. About all decision makers use social media to make important business decisions. 25% of consumers who complain about products on Facebook or Twitter expect a response within 1 hour. Almost 47 per cent of all internet users share videos and photos online.

Brands and Social marketing

Almost 90% of the executives of big multinationals plan a different approach to segment audience I in the coming years. Almost 70% marketers believe that content marketing has greatly increased their brand awareness. The rise in content marketing is mainly attributed to the fact that social networking is always on and therefore it requires content to reach and resonate to the target audiences on a regular basis. Most marketers are making awareness about their products and services these days through content marketing and the number is expected to grow in 2014 also.

About 65% of marketers believe that there will be an increased social media ad budget by the end of this year. As more and more people are now advertising on social networking, the number is expected to increase in the coming years. Now almost two out of three marketers give ads on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. There exist 79% of marketers who have social media integrated in their marketing activities. In 2013 the social media gained prominence in integrated marketing. All paid, owned and earned social brands are showing interest in integrating social media with marketing. Many are attracted towards Pinterest and the combined traffic of Twitter, Linked in and Google is less than Pinterest. Pinterest forced the traffic from social network to corporate websites.

In modern times marketers realize the importance of social media in marketing. They are therefore embracing the different positive points of social media. With social media they are building relationships and doing business in 2013 and are expected to do so even in 2014.

Email Marketing – An Innovative Way to Promote Your Business

promote your business through email marketing

You must be aware with the term email marketing. It has been frequently used in the market in recent times. During your meetings or conferences when you are discussing about marketing strategies or other promotional materials, you keep talking about it all the time. However, it is true that email marketing helps to enrich business deals and communication between two parties. Of course it is quite a friendly and cost effective process. But the point is do you know properly that what exactly is email marketing? Especially how does it become more effective than a TV commercial? Why it is necessary to manage an email list minutely for running a business successfully?

promote your business through email marketing

Ever since the discovery of the internet, email marketing has become the most valuable tool that helps to regenerate or increase your business space. It is a dynamic way to associate with your clients as well as promote your business and all new schemes.

How does it work?

Email marketing is a process through which you, on behalf of your company, circulate a commercial message to a number of people. More specifically, it helps you to make a good relationship with your customer, keep faith in a product or in any brand or company. Any email communication that happens through advertisements for business purposes or sales then it must be considered as email marketing. It is a direct marketing strategy that involves electronic mail for developing all your business related communication.

What does it refer actually?

  • The purpose is very clear. Email marketing develops the relationship between a company and its current and old customers and also maintains customer loyalty.
  • You will be able to attract new customers by sending emails or convince them to buy your products as soon as possible.
  • You can also apply advertisement and sent it through email for encouraging or appealing customers.

Check out some of the brilliant advantages that you can get from email marketing –

Cost effective: compared to the direct marketing or other marketing strategies, email marketing is the most cost effective way of promoting your products. You do not have to spend lots of money for making a printed newsletter. You also will be able to contact such customers who are actually interested in your business. It helps you to make a brand loyalty, plus you will be happy to know that it is basically a very easy and fast process.

Track down data: you will be able to chalk out all your essential data that will help you to manage your business properly. Not only that, it will help you to check out your campaigns. Likeyou can see that how many people actually check out emails, see the links that you have placed in your emails. If anything spam happens then also you will be informed. So basically through this you will be able to figure out which process or content works effectively to attract your customers.

Quick process: Email marketing has its unique importance over other major marketing schemes, which definitely makes it superior. Since other marketing techniques are time consuming. But in case of email marketing, subscriber receives emails instantly without waiting for a long time for a confirmation from the marketing campaign which are usually from a direct source. Another advantage is that, the customers do not have to wait to get a website address through blog response or online ads. Adding to that if you devote some amount of time to write a newsletter through email,which will definitely help to build up a positive relationship with every subscriber. And this further helps to increase possibilities to get more customers at the same time existing customers will stay loyal with the company.

Improve sales: One of the best ways to enhance the sales of the company would be through email marketing, so a company should try this method to enjoy the benefit. Although there is a chance of delivering junk sales letter but one can use the email marketing sales pitch to catch the attention of the customers rather than sending them a common sales letter with minimum information. For instance, at the time of specific promotion or discount offer, email can be sent to inform a subscriber to get their attention. A company can even add special redeem coupon code voucher to use their services or product as a trial. The existing customers can be awarded with special gifts for remaining loyal to the company. In this way a company might even earn referrals from the current customers. If proper planning is done before sending emails for marketing purpose, it surely returns with a good profit.

Deal Your Potential Customers with Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Fan Page

In modern times, post 2004 social networking sites like Facebook are a great way to connect with your family and friends located far away because of a job or otherwise. In Facebook there exists an option to create Facebook pages. The pages that the user creates are mainly used to advertise and promote almost anything under the sun. Moreover these pages are a good way to connect to your audiences. Users try to make their Facebook pages more attractive in order to grab viewer’s attention. If the user is a celebrity then it is quite natural that the celebrity user will try to attract audiences with the help of that Facebook page. In this situation that relevant Facebook page is referred to as the fan page. There are a number of ways by which Facebook fan page optimization can occur thereby making the fan page into a dynamic and engaging place for one’s Facebook fans.

Facebook Fan Page

Be Unique

The Facebook page should not be dull and boring. Instead it should be filled with information and pictures thereby making it attractive to viewers. Moreover the page should contain unique contents and should stand out from the rest. Efforts therefore should be given towards designing the Facebook fan page to make it popular.

Don’t Use A Generic Landing Page

Since Facebook allows the celebrity user to customize as to what page different types of visitors land on therefore you a celebrity user can definitely show new visitors totally different message than people who are already fans on that page. The celebrity user can very well give information to first time visitors about one’s company or site and this in turn would give them a good reason of joining. Since one’s Facebook walls are not that informative therefore it is better not to allow visitors land on one’s walls.

Give Something Away Quickly

There are people who will join a celebrity page without reason but in order to grow Facebook presence for a celebrity it is always important for him or her to give some resources back to the community or niche. This will definitely aid the celebrity in reaching potential fans in the niche who might not have known about the Facebook page.

Use A Large Profile Picture

While using Facebook fans of every celebrity love to see their celebrity or product photos and therefore it is advised for a celebrity to use a large profile picture. This helps in branding and thereby adds trust to the profile.

Tag Fans In Photos

A good business trick is to tag photos of one’s fans because many fans have Facebook notifications and when they are tagged then they receive alert messages prompting them to bring to the fan page. One’s fans also have the option to upload photos as well but the celebrity is careful enough to avoid any kind of Spam messages. Adding photos to the Facebook fan page helps the celebrity in giving back something and simultaneously through fan page the celebrity is successful in planting the brand image in the fan’s mind.

Use Contests

Also the celebrity can take part in contests as these make the fan page more engaging. They also are an incentive for potential fans to join. These contests can therefore be excellent marketing tools if done appropriately.

Like these there are many customer leads with Facebook for normal users. And more the viewership greater will be the advertisement and subsequent marketing of the brand. With Facebook monetization one can even earn money by sitting at home and browsing Facebook profiles.