Latest Social Media Photo Editor FaceApp


In case you find your social media feed full of gender-swapped, younger and older images of your friends – don’t worry! Its only FaceApp! This is the trendiest and famous free image editor app which can fully change your appearance with just a click of a button.

FaceApp can make some realistic images of you, your family and friends by aging or de-aging them, increasing their smile, or changing their gender. The best fact about this app is that it comes for free, although some features cannot be unlocked as they are paid features; hence, you might not be capable of doing everything you wish to do with this app without paying additional. There have also been privacy and security concerns regarding the data collection of this app, which will be discussed in this blog as well.


However, if you want to play around with your images and your friends’ images, read on to know how to download and use FaceApp with ease.

How Can You Download FaceApp?

You can find FaceApp on both iOS and Android app store. So, it can be directly downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store now. Download this app simply like any other application. You may require entering your password to sign in or register your fingerprint for downloading FaceApp.

How Can You Use FaceApp?

The easy-to-use interface of FaceApp enables to edit both new selfie images captured within the app’s camera and older images already stored on your device. You can easily do this from the app’s home screen. Just choose an image by selecting ‘All Photos’ along the screen’s bottom or line up your face for taking a picture within the camera of the app.

The picture you choose will start on a filter named Original, but in case you scroll right, you will get options like Male, Female, Young, Old, Spark, Smile, and Smile 2. Both Smile options will open your mouth and incorporate some teeth, whereas Spark will make your skin tone smooth. There are also male and female options which offer you more feminine and masculine features.

However, the old and young are the funniest options which will either make you look like a kid or supply wrinkles. When you scroll left, you will find options for making collages of your images to display multiple edited images together in a single shareable image and GIFs.

How Can You Share FaceApp Images?

After making your masterpiece, you will find sharing icons appeared under the photo. At the bottom, the down-facing arrow will enable you to download the image while there are more options to share the image on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You will also get an option to share across other applications like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

What Do You Need to Pay for?

FaceApp has a paid option also, but usually, it did not provide many more features over the app’s paid version. The updated version of the app contains more beauty and style filters, but you will require paying for accessing them.

The new filter will enable you to make your skin ton smooth, offer you facial hair or a more dramatic appearance. For paying for FaceApp, you need to navigate to the ‘Settings’ section and click the ‘Buy’ button. Then, the app will redirect you to the App Store or Play Store for completing the purchase.

What Are The Privacy Concerns?

Privacy must be a concern, whenever you are planning to install a viral app like FaceApp. Although it’s for fun, by installing it, you are generally agreeing to offer a third-party some data regarding you in exchange for that fun.

To put FaceApp on your Android phone, you need to offer it access to in-app purchases, media files, your camera, device storage, and photos. This is quite straightforward for an app which requires taking an image of you for working and needs to save that image to your phone so you can give surprises to your dear ones.

FaceApp has not appeared to raise as many red signals till now among the privacy-wary as another image editor app named Meitu did. However, FaceApp’s privacy policy has still been dragging people out. As per that policy, FaceApp tracks and gather lots of data regarding you from your device whenever you utilize the app, both for the purposes of displaying you a lot of advertisements and enhancing the service. Although some features are unusual, FaceApp is still a different one to use for enjoying fun elements.

SnapChum – A Marketing Gamut for Online Business

guide-to-generate traffic from Pintrest

To start a business nowadays and get done with effective marketing is easier than previous days with the help of social networking sites like SnapChum. But the real challenge is to find the rate of prosperity among other business competitors. To know how many people are interested in your business and how many customers you will get is the main thing of concern for a start up.

Ever wondered how nice it would be to know the interested customers and the followers of your company or business? Well, now it’s more easy to find customers and interested people for your business.

With the help of Snapchum, you can now be closer to your customers and know about the prospective customers. Snapchum provides you with real time followers, non-followers, mutual friends and fans of your company.

guide-to-generate traffic from Pintrest

What is Snapchum?

Snapchum is a software developed by which acts as a marketing and analysis tool for publishing your website via Pinterest & Instagram. At first you have to register with your name, email id, password and then after creating your account, you can see your follower list. You can also avail more features by using their paid service at a very nominal cost.

This publishing is generally done via Pinterest as it is the place for new ideas. But every new business or company have to maintain some social profile for their publishing. So, if you can publish your own company via other sites, then why do you need Snapchum?

Well the answer lies here:

  • Every business needs to have a social media profile to attract more people but the real task is to maintain the followers. So, Snapchum allows you to maintain these followers and fans via Pinterest which has 100 million visits per day.
  • You can find out who followed or unfollowed you on Pinterest recently & unfollow your recent unfollowers or follow back your recent followers.
  • You can find your fans and mutual friends on Pinterest & shortlist whom you do not want to unfollow or add them to blacklist if you do not want to follow them ever.
  • You can also reach out to your target audience across different time zones by scheduling & uploading your pins in bulk and save time so that your pins get maximum views and this large will attract followers having keen interest on your company.
  • You can upload multiple images in a single pin and team members without sharing Pinterest password.

Why Pinterest?

Here you can create a pin board where you can publish pictures and videos of your company with appealing titles and comments. Users will be able to see them frequently and will get interested in your company. It is advised to maintain a positive follower – following ratio and also monitor the competitors. You can widen your reach of publishing via Pinterest and also you can publish your products in other social media sites once your pins have been published. You can express a lot more via an image or a video clip that is more effective in publishing your company. By scheduling your pins with Snapchum, you can freely work on your company’s development without the thought of publishing your company.

So it is advisable to use Snapchum for your own benefit but to get more convinced you definitely need to start using it just for your company.

Above Image Credits from Snapchum

Top 5 Android Apps: Big Earning Opportunity On Mobile Recharge

smartphone apps

The market for Smartphone app is a big market and it is flourishing day by day, that’s the reason, we have a great number of smartphone apps whether it is about entertainment, fashion, health, news, money, chat, messaging, calling or other activity, we can find an app for almost every task. There are a number of apps through which you can stay connected with your friends and family, many other apps offer you all kind news at a single click, and you can also use apps for health as well.

smartphone apps

If we talk about Android Apps, we find that they rule over a big part of mobile market, the reason of it is its being available for every level. We can see High-end android smart phones as well as budget android smart phones. Budget android smart phone have captured a comparative big part of the android smart phone’s market, so the demand of the android apps is increasing day by day. The competition among the companies has grown very stiff, so all companies are trying new formulas for attracting maximum number of clients. Now a day offering free mobile recharge has also become an affecting tool for attracting clients. On making search, you find a number of android apps which offer you mobile recharge or some cash back, if you opt for downloading those apps. Here are some android apps through which you can have free mobile recharge.

Earn lock – An app which gives you an opportunity to gain free talk time worth 900 every month for any mobile network. You can redeem this free airtime in multiple of 150. Earn lock display content on your lock screen, so it pays you free talk time for any operator. It also offers you 5 rupees talk value when you refer it to you friend. The app can be downloaded from Play Store.

Free Rs 100 Mobile Recharge – Another app developed by the WoodSoft technology is also such app which offers around Rupees 100 talk time weekly, if your luck is with you. You need to download the app and participate in surveys. It offers free mobile recharge to almost all networks including Aircel, Idea, Tata Docomo, Loop mobile, MTS, Airtel, Reliance (Both CDMA & GSM), Vodafone, BSNL, and Uninor. It also suggests a list of apps to download, and if you download apps from that list, you can earn Rs 10 for each app.

Paisawiz Android App – It is one of the popular android apps which are rapidly being downloaded by Indian users. The app offers free talk time on your mobile phone. To avail this opportunity, you just need to download this app and register to create your account. Now, you can see offers on Offerwall, according you can earn free Airtime.

Similar other apps which also offer you free talk value are mCent app and Amulyam.

mCent App – It can be downloaded from the link and you need to download the apps given in the list, now all set to earn recharge worth Rs 100.

Amulyam – It charges any phone when you earn 10 rupees talk values.

If you know such more app that gives Opportunity to earn let us know by commenting below!!!

Celebrating Love- Apps Are The New Way to One’s Heart

love apps

With globalization having spread its wings into the various corners of India, there has been a significant change in the outlook of the people. Whether this change is good or bad, or at all needed is something which is another topic of debate, we can surely assess the various ways in which this change can be felt in our daily lives. Technological advancement has taken the country by storm. High powered gadgets, the internet and touch screen phones make it easier for us to get a particular job done. No, wonder these gadgets took no time in becoming so acceptable and popular! With the advent of the android platform and the windows operating system in mobile phones, the demand for applications saw a never before high curve. All the hue and cry about apps reached their peak with the launch of Angry Birds application, which witnessed an unprecedented popularity. Today, we will try to look at how apps have come to redefine the ways of expressing love.

love apps

14th of February is globally acknowledged as the day of love. Many, however, in all the hustle bustle of the day forget to honour or at least take a few minutes to remember the person who actually sacrificed himself for love- St. Valentine. Red roses, chocolate boxes, gifts, confetti- are what define this day of love today. No, wait, if we are to talk about celebrating the day of love then another thing needs to be added to the above list- yes, you guessed it right, the new Valentine’s Day apps.

This Valentine’s Day saw the launch of numerous “love” apps. Starting from dedicating special songs for your beloved to creating personalized cards- these apps did not leave out any virtual medium of expressing love. Both the windows as well as the android platform launched these love apps. In fact there was a vast array of apps and people really found it very hard to select one from them. The plus point of these apps was that all of them were user-friendly. With easy navigating and downloading options the popularity of these apps could not be curbed.

All being said and done about these apps, what really remains to be explored here is that is this storm of love apps here to stay? These special Valentine’s Day apps definitely saw a level of acceptance this year. People went on an app download spree two or three days prior to the d-day. App reviews which were posted almost everywhere helped in promoting these apps. Now, is this a short-lived trend or is this here to stay? There is one possible conclusion to this. Technology is ever-evolving- it was only a few decades ago that wireless telephones were invented and today we are video-chatting! Who knows, where technology will take us next. But this can be said that change is the inherent nature of this field. People will surely remember the emergence and the usage of these love apps, but probably by the time you are ready to celebrate the next Valentine’s Day, there will be something new- a completely different way of expressing your love!

Android Game Controller By Samsung

game controller by samsung

The gaming market is a fast growing market; its rapid growth shows the keen interest of people in games. Games, now is not limited only to the children or teenagers, but has made its firm places beyond them. That is the reason that a large number of games are available in the market and many new will be appearing in future constantly. It is the only demand of games that has improved its platforms and given birth for many new platforms.

game controller by samsung

There was a time when video game being so monotonous for they had limited moves to play had the miraculous power to draw attention of Children as well as teenagers. Now time has changed and the portrait of these games has also changed completely, it has become livelier and more striking too. Day to day, they are improving and taking new and exciting form.

To make these games more exciting and lively, there have been designed so many additional devices which are called game controllers. These devices make players feel so, as though all that happening in the game were real. Some of game controllers which are for special purpose are keyboard, gamepad, mice, joysticks, etc. some other are steering wheels for deriving games and light guns for shooting games. The purpose of game controllers is to make games as much user friendly as possible. Game controllers are different in shapes and styles to play specific games well.

Game Controller by Samsung-

First smart phone GamePad was developed by Apple and Now Korean electronics maker Samsung has launched its wireless GamePad which is of Black color with metallic accents throughout and looks fabulous. It is 137.78 mm wide, 88.47 mm high and 31.80 mm thick and weighs just 195 GM. It is compatible with smart phones and tablets running android 4.1 and more with Blue tooth connectivity.

This GamePad of Steel Framed is capable to hold your smart phones and tablets ranging from 4 inches to 6.3 inch screen size. According to Samsung, it is optimized for Galaxy devices running on android 4.3 or higher so it can be used for Galaxy S4 and S3 and Note 3 and Note 2 as well.

For you making your game, striking, In The Samsung Smart Phone GamePad, you find d-Pad, Select and Start Button, Two Analog Sticks, Two Trigger Buttons, and Four Action Buttons,  and a play button which opens Samsung Mobile Console apps through which people may browse and buy games which support to GamePad. At present only 35 Games have been listed, some of these games are Need For Speed, Most Wanted, Morden Combat 4, Zero Hour, Asfalt 8:Airborne, Virtua, Prince of Persia: TheShadow And The Flam and Tennis Challenge. In future, other games can be seen here.

It also offers good connectivity options for a wonderful gaming experience. Gamers can connect their Gamepad to TV via HDMI support. It is also equipped with Blue tooth v3. 0 and NFC so Gamepad can be connected and paired with other devices.

At present, The GamePad is being made available only in some European countries and hoped to be launched soon in other markets.

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Score High in the App Industry with Top 5 Android Apps

In the present day, the workplace is becoming demanding due to the unremitting demands of being more productive and to maintain high-quality work. No need to fret!

Thankfully, with the help of Mobiers Ltd the market is today flooded with a copious number of apps for you to download helping you to improve your productivity.

Since the need to boost productivity is growing at a breakneck pace; it brings a lot of potential opportunities for businesses to score high in the app industry by developing apps for the Android platform that guarantees to increase productivity – by lowering costs and saving time.

Besides productivity, there are various other categories for which applications are generally created, as listed below:

• Utilities
• Entertainment
• Books
• Music

In this post I’ve come up with a list of 5 best Android apps in the several different categories. Let’s have a detailed look on apps under each category:

App for Productivity – Dropbox

I often recall the days, when I used to carry pen drive to run presentations and used to get frustrated when I‘ve to back up my data on hard drives. Well, now all that’s history, with the emergence of the Android cloud storage app, that is, DropBox.

This groundbreaking cloud storage app creates a virtual folder on your PC that’s in-sync to your DropBox account. The best part is that, whatever you copy into your virtual folder automatically gets uploaded online. Simply put, regardless of the place you’re and the device you’re using, you can have the access to your files, at anyplace and anytime.

Dropbox lets you store around 5GB of digital media for free. There are several other alternatives that you can utilize to augment your productivity, other than Dropbox such as the noteworthy Google Drive.

App for Utility – WhatsApp Messenger

With an astounding number of over 200 million users, WhatsApp is an Android app that has become a hot favorite among dozens of users within a short time span. It’s a straightforward, intuitive, cross-platform choice for sending text messages at free-of-cost. What’s more? You can even send photos and audio or video files too – indeed you’re using some sort of data connection.

App for Entertainment – SketchBook Mobile Express

Are you an avid art lover? Well, SketchBook Mobile Express is a professional paint and drawing app for Android Smartphones. It lets you have fun by giving you the privilege to bring your inner artist to the fore by sketching, while on the go.

The app user interface pops up whenever you need it. This app allows you to work with up to three layers. What Else? You can even import images from your phone gallery or camera app into the app.

App for Books – Kindle

For years, right from scholars, to writers, and poets all have found books to be the ideal medium to grasp knowledge. As time passed, the way people used to access books has changed. But, undoubtedly books are still the favored source for the majority of people.

For book lovers, Kindle is an Android app that best suits their need to browse through a vast list of books on the go. The best feature of this app – perhaps it automatically syncs the last page that you read, notes and bookmarks across multiple devices. Want to continue from your left, there’s nothing to fret with a Kindle, as it lets you read right from where you left reading.

Other alternatives apart from Kindle are Google Play Books, GoodReads, AReader etc.

App for Music – SoundCloud

Music is something that almost everyone loves. If you’re a music fanatic and looking for a great music app for your Android based device without ads and subscription fees, then SoundCloud is exactly what you need.

This app lets you find out new music tracks and stream it from the cloud. The app is simple to use, and is integrated with Google+. The app allows you to follow your favorite bands or singers, and lets you record sounds, and even post your choice of tracks through social media.

Another enthralling aspect about this app is that – it’s not only let you listen to some good music tracks, but also help you listen to comedy shows, news, and a whole lot more.

Wrapping Up!

Hopefully, after reading the guest post you must have learned about the different categories under which apps are being developed.

So, if you’re looking forward to making it big in the app industry via Android Applications Development, you must have a good look at the aforementioned apps defined in each category.

This will help you get a better idea as to what type of app can help you survive in today’s grueling app industry.

Easy Ways to Promote Your Mobile Games App for Free

Knowledge Base on Mobile gaming industry

Mobile games and mobile game related applications now are one of the profitable businesses. In today’s time, most of the young people are quite passionate about such kind of game related applications. It is becoming quite easy to download such kind of applications by using the smart phones. Anyone can easily download such gaming apps through their Smartphone anytime, anywhere. And, this is one of the biggest advantages for those who are in this gaming industry. Now, if you are engaged in this industry and try to make money from this opportunity, then you have to be aware about the related market and the consumer behavior.

IPhone game screen

Image Credit : Clive Darra

Your app is your key to success

The target consumer or the niche market doesn’t matter so strict in this industry. If you are able to make an interesting gaming app and have a strong enough marketing strategy for your gaming app to reach the mass, then interested people should try your app and explore it at its best. From the kids to grow up, everyone is now hooked with the virtual world and exploring this new world which is full of magic, attraction and excitement. In the app store, of the Smart phones, you can find thousands of free apps. So, you can easily understand the fact that this field is quite competitive and you need to be very much exclusive to be successful in this world.

Cross promotion can help you

To promote your games app, you can use the Cross Promotion process. Here, you can easily exchange the ad space of yours with the others. It can help you to get new users and you do not need to compete with the other app developers.

Appropriate keyword based marketing

The proper ASO or the App store optimization can help you a lot to get, the more popularity among the gamers. An appropriate optimizing service can help you to find out the proper keywords for your game app and also can provide you an effective description for your games app. But, this process always needs a complete and perfect research regarding your app and also your industry.

Keep eyes on your website

To get profitable results from your games app, you can use the content management system which comes with free of cost. You should properly maintain your website from where your users can get all the information which they want to know about your app.

Choose an effective Screenshots and Icons

The icon of your app is the first introduction to your users. So, you need to be very careful while you are choosing an icon for your app. The screenshots of your app can give an appropriate idea about your game. So, it is equally important as the icon is. And, these two factors can leave a positive effect on the downloading rate of your app. You, need to be more sincere and research on these properly.

ipad tennis game app

Image Credit : Brooke Redbird

Get connected with the Social Media

Last but not the least; your social media can help you to be more popular. So, using this platform has been always a great idea for any app developer. Now, it is your turn to give a right start to your app and get a profitable result from it.