Android Game Controller By Samsung

Android Game Controller By Samsung

game controller by samsung

The gaming market is a fast growing market; its rapid growth shows the keen interest of people in games. Games, now is not limited only to the children or teenagers, but has made its firm places beyond them. That is the reason that a large number of games are available in the market and many new will be appearing in future constantly. It is the only demand of games that has improved its platforms and given birth for many new platforms.

game controller by samsung

There was a time when video game being so monotonous for they had limited moves to play had the miraculous power to draw attention of Children as well as teenagers. Now time has changed and the portrait of these games has also changed completely, it has become livelier and more striking too. Day to day, they are improving and taking new and exciting form.

To make these games more exciting and lively, there have been designed so many additional devices which are called game controllers. These devices make players feel so, as though all that happening in the game were real. Some of game controllers which are for special purpose are keyboard, gamepad, mice, joysticks, etc. some other are steering wheels for deriving games and light guns for shooting games. The purpose of game controllers is to make games as much user friendly as possible. Game controllers are different in shapes and styles to play specific games well.

Game Controller by Samsung-

First smart phone GamePad was developed by Apple and Now Korean electronics maker Samsung has launched its wireless GamePad which is of Black color with metallic accents throughout and looks fabulous. It is 137.78 mm wide, 88.47 mm high and 31.80 mm thick and weighs just 195 GM. It is compatible with smart phones and tablets running android 4.1 and more with Blue tooth connectivity.

This GamePad of Steel Framed is capable to hold your smart phones and tablets ranging from 4 inches to 6.3 inch screen size. According to Samsung, it is optimized for Galaxy devices running on android 4.3 or higher so it can be used for Galaxy S4 and S3 and Note 3 and Note 2 as well.

For you making your game, striking, In The Samsung Smart Phone GamePad, you find d-Pad, Select and Start Button, Two Analog Sticks, Two Trigger Buttons, and Four Action Buttons,  and a play button which opens Samsung Mobile Console apps through which people may browse and buy games which support to GamePad. At present only 35 Games have been listed, some of these games are Need For Speed, Most Wanted, Morden Combat 4, Zero Hour, Asfalt 8:Airborne, Virtua, Prince of Persia: TheShadow And The Flam and Tennis Challenge. In future, other games can be seen here.

It also offers good connectivity options for a wonderful gaming experience. Gamers can connect their Gamepad to TV via HDMI support. It is also equipped with Blue tooth v3. 0 and NFC so Gamepad can be connected and paired with other devices.

At present, The GamePad is being made available only in some European countries and hoped to be launched soon in other markets.

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