How to Add Google Custom Search In A WordPress Site

Adding the Google custom search to WordPress will help in reducing the load on a particular site. This is because all the database queries and interactions happen through the Google server and not your own server. In some cases, the results will be highly appropriate and help with the accurate custom post and fields are ignored as the people are searching for the relevant content.

When you are setting the Google account, the system will only pull out the Web pages that are been indexed by the search engine. Are you now looking for the steps for adding the Google Custom Search in the WordPress Site? Follow the steps and start implementing the process efficiently.

Google Custom Search In A WordPress

Step 1: Install the WP Google Search Plugin for Google custom search

Install the WP Google Search Plugin

In the WordPRess Dashboard, move to the Plugins and click on “Add New”. Now, look for the WP Google Search plugin and click on install. When it is installed, click on the activate option to bring it to live. 

Step 2: Setup your Google custom search 

  • Go to settings and click on WP Google Search, you will find the field for “Google Search Engine ID”. You can find the ID and visit the Google Custom Search Page to register the page. Now, you just need to click on the “Create a custom Search engine” button. 
  • For this process, you need to enter the URL in the “site to search” field and remember that you should not use the shortened URLs. If needed, you can also enter multiple URLs that you need to displace in the custom search results. Further, you can also have some options to get an answer to the queries. 

Now, you can choose the option of language you need to use. However, English remains to be the default language. After completing the process, click on the “Create” button. 

Step 3: Get the ID of the search engine 

You have successfully set up the custom search engine by now. However, you need to continue with a few more steps before you add it to the WordPress Site. 

Click on “Control Panel” found on the Google search page and then to the search engine ID, which is the unique ID for the custom search. On clicking the button, you can copy the code for the Search Engine ID. Paste the copied code in the respective field of the WP Google Search Plugin for the “Search Engine ID” when you have completed, click on the save button to save everything within the plugin settings found in the WordPress. 

Step 4: Time To Configure the display 

Get into the Google Custom Search control panel and click on the “Look and Feel” option under the Setup and choose “Results Only”. Followed with it, click on the “save” button. 

Thus, the changes you made in the Google Custom Search control panel will automatically be updated in WordPress as you change in the Search Engine ID is already saved in the WP Google Search plugin. 

The bottom line  Thus, you have gone through the steps you need to follow for implementing the Google Custom Search with the help of the WordPress plugin. Apart from this, there is also an option for making the manual process to add the custom option. Make use of it beneficial to make it helpful for the business process.

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