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Best StartUp Tips for Facebook Marketing

facebook marketing tips

With flourishing social networking sites in the modern days, it has almost become inevitable to be a part of the bandwagon. It is in vogue to be connected to the web through one of these many social networking sites. But, the one site that easily takes the gold is Facebook. Ever since its inception in 2007, it has made keeping in touch an easy deal by providing continuous updates from all across the globe. And if popularity is anything to go by, Facebook is here to stay. Maybe, forever. Over one million people using Facebook day in and day out, it is but natural that it catches on the trend of advertising and marketing in its sphere.

facebook marketing tips

As is evident from the type of site, this is a very good (and possibly the best) ‘networking’ site. And any marketing strategy planned here on Facebook could reach the trending millions of netizens across the globe. Every single person seems to have “mutual friends'” with everyone, be it real or virtual.

With such popularity, it is only justified that marketing strategies are being channeled here. But, just putting up an advertisement or creating a page isn’t sufficient to attract users. It needs a little planning and bingo! You are right at it. So, how to go about doing it? Here are a few tips.

Making The Right Facebook Page

Your clientele or audiences may view Facebook as a customer service vehicle. To attract these people, you should have a clear marketing goal(s) and likewise develop a corresponding strategy for better results and the maximization of returns. Your fans may just want an interactive session here and feel a part of your deal. Device your plans accordingly.

Create Custom Tab

Every page on Facebook has at least two tabs for the users. One is for the general information, and another is for private in-boxing. While the general tab gives you information about the page and its uses or course of work, the other provides for a direct inquiry of your page, which the administrator needs to reply to. In order to churn out more out of your viewers, you could possibly add a few more customized tabs that link to your webpage. This helps in keeping the ad-traffic less by taking your viewers to your own page, outside off Facebook.

Keep The Page Active

What happens to most such pages here on Facebook is that they lay dormant, oftener than not. In order to keep the number of viewers up and rising, you need to post here on a regular basis. This gives your viewers the assurance that they all are valuable to you. If the page lies inactive for a moment, all the publicity you garner can trickle out of it. Schedule and prepare your posts on a regular basis.

Usage of Facebook Ads

Facebook helps you target your audience in many ways when you are paying Facebook for the ads you post. This becomes a great opportunity to your marketing strategy in that you get to specify broadly or narrowly about your product and can withdraw at any point if and when you see returns not favouring your fortune. That saves you a lot of money. Get your audiences to sign up.

Getting your audiences to sign up is a sure-shot yet subtle way of cementing their presence on your page and your page on their minds. Holding competitions are a good way to keep their eyes glued onto you. Getting them to sign up also provides for the contact that gets established with you and your clientele.

Send An Update

You as an administrator of your page can send in messages to the people who “like” your page on Facebook. This gives you an edge, which bring you able to contact and notify your audience about any updates or up-coming events. The trick is to be wise with the frequency of messages. To many update messages could again bother your clients. Go beyond your page.

With Facebook’s feature of navigating through it “as a page”, you can have access to different pages of the same kind or otherwise. It is advisable to post in such pages, as it gives a scope of expanding your audience. But all this should be done with due respect to the administrator of the page you are posting. Spamming is a sure-fire to get your business down the drain. Avoid.

Using Facebook as a Content Platform

It is always advisable to link your other web pages to your Facebook page. That way, all your activities come under the span of one umbrella here in Facebook.

For example, if you have a blog that gets updated regularly, you can post the link on your Facebook page. That again gives more scope of it being spotted. Not everybody will be looking for your blogs daily. This gives a platform to all the contents you have on the web and is immensely helpful for both the parties.

Make The Stuffs “Shareable”

Facebook provides for another tab option, the “Share button” with the means of which, one can share their activities on their own or others’ walls.

This gives a better scope of catching the attention of the public eyes and reaching out to a larger number of Facebook users. That being said, it is only a prerogative to keep your page and the contents in it shareable. While one shares something, the whole of their friend list can see that. Think of it as a pattern- someone sharing, the mutual of whom shares further and so on. Therefore, in order to have a greater number of audiences, keep the share button alive and running.

These are some of the essential pillars in Facebook marketing. In the end, it is upon you how you make your Facebook page look like, so that you manage to attract a lot more eyeballs on your page. Generating curiosity could help, of course, and that comes from decent planning of your page. The better you are at that, the better compliments you get from your customers or prospective customers.

All the very best!