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Celebrating Love- Apps Are The New Way to One’s Heart

love apps

With globalization having spread its wings into the various corners of India, there has been a significant change in the outlook of the people. Whether this change is good or bad, or at all needed is something which is another topic of debate, we can surely assess the various ways in which this change can be felt in our daily lives. Technological advancement has taken the country by storm. High powered gadgets, the internet and touch screen phones make it easier for us to get a particular job done. No, wonder these gadgets took no time in becoming so acceptable and popular! With the advent of the android platform and the windows operating system in mobile phones, the demand for applications saw a never before high curve. All the hue and cry about apps reached their peak with the launch of Angry Birds application, which witnessed an unprecedented popularity. Today, we will try to look at how apps have come to redefine the ways of expressing love.

love apps

14th of February is globally acknowledged as the day of love. Many, however, in all the hustle bustle of the day forget to honour or at least take a few minutes to remember the person who actually sacrificed himself for love- St. Valentine. Red roses, chocolate boxes, gifts, confetti- are what define this day of love today. No, wait, if we are to talk about celebrating the day of love then another thing needs to be added to the above list- yes, you guessed it right, the new Valentine’s Day apps.

This Valentine’s Day saw the launch of numerous “love” apps. Starting from dedicating special songs for your beloved to creating personalized cards- these apps did not leave out any virtual medium of expressing love. Both the windows as well as the android platform launched these love apps. In fact there was a vast array of apps and people really found it very hard to select one from them. The plus point of these apps was that all of them were user-friendly. With easy navigating and downloading options the popularity of these apps could not be curbed.

All being said and done about these apps, what really remains to be explored here is that is this storm of love apps here to stay? These special Valentine’s Day apps definitely saw a level of acceptance this year. People went on an app download spree two or three days prior to the d-day. App reviews which were posted almost everywhere helped in promoting these apps. Now, is this a short-lived trend or is this here to stay? There is one possible conclusion to this. Technology is ever-evolving- it was only a few decades ago that wireless telephones were invented and today we are video-chatting! Who knows, where technology will take us next. But this can be said that change is the inherent nature of this field. People will surely remember the emergence and the usage of these love apps, but probably by the time you are ready to celebrate the next Valentine’s Day, there will be something new- a completely different way of expressing your love!

Android Game Controller By Samsung

game controller by samsung

The gaming market is a fast growing market; its rapid growth shows the keen interest of people in games. Games, now is not limited only to the children or teenagers, but has made its firm places beyond them. That is the reason that a large number of games are available in the market and many new will be appearing in future constantly. It is the only demand of games that has improved its platforms and given birth for many new platforms.

game controller by samsung

There was a time when video game being so monotonous for they had limited moves to play had the miraculous power to draw attention of Children as well as teenagers. Now time has changed and the portrait of these games has also changed completely, it has become livelier and more striking too. Day to day, they are improving and taking new and exciting form.

To make these games more exciting and lively, there have been designed so many additional devices which are called game controllers. These devices make players feel so, as though all that happening in the game were real. Some of game controllers which are for special purpose are keyboard, gamepad, mice, joysticks, etc. some other are steering wheels for deriving games and light guns for shooting games. The purpose of game controllers is to make games as much user friendly as possible. Game controllers are different in shapes and styles to play specific games well.

Game Controller by Samsung-

First smart phone GamePad was developed by Apple and Now Korean electronics maker Samsung has launched its wireless GamePad which is of Black color with metallic accents throughout and looks fabulous. It is 137.78 mm wide, 88.47 mm high and 31.80 mm thick and weighs just 195 GM. It is compatible with smart phones and tablets running android 4.1 and more with Blue tooth connectivity.

This GamePad of Steel Framed is capable to hold your smart phones and tablets ranging from 4 inches to 6.3 inch screen size. According to Samsung, it is optimized for Galaxy devices running on android 4.3 or higher so it can be used for Galaxy S4 and S3 and Note 3 and Note 2 as well.

For you making your game, striking, In The Samsung Smart Phone GamePad, you find d-Pad, Select and Start Button, Two Analog Sticks, Two Trigger Buttons, and Four Action Buttons,  and a play button which opens Samsung Mobile Console apps through which people may browse and buy games which support to GamePad. At present only 35 Games have been listed, some of these games are Need For Speed, Most Wanted, Morden Combat 4, Zero Hour, Asfalt 8:Airborne, Virtua, Prince of Persia: TheShadow And The Flam and Tennis Challenge. In future, other games can be seen here.

It also offers good connectivity options for a wonderful gaming experience. Gamers can connect their Gamepad to TV via HDMI support. It is also equipped with Blue tooth v3. 0 and NFC so Gamepad can be connected and paired with other devices.

At present, The GamePad is being made available only in some European countries and hoped to be launched soon in other markets.

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Top 10 Tips that Give Your Printer a Long Life

printer cleaning tips

Taking care of your printer is crucial and if not taken good time care, the life of a printer can get diminished greatly. Thus, you need to be very careful while handling printer and see that it gets a good care and maintenance.

printer cleaning tips

How to Care for Your Printer

Here are thus 10 basic tips for you to maintain good condition and long life of your printer:

• Clean your printer everyday if you are in a dust prone place, or in alternative days both from inside and outside. Remember dust is the primary enemy of a printer. If the paper feeder tray is not in use fold it in.
• It’s best to keep it covered with a printer cover (you will get many for your model and size) to avoid more dust.
• When not in use, turn it off. Do not leave it turned on the whole day when it is sitting just idle.
• One of the best ways to make your printer go a long way is regular use. A printer frequently used would not get a trouble, and will always run in a good condition.
• All printers have a maintenance mode inbuilt that checks for hardware problems in it. You should use the maintenance mode once a month to make sure everything is ok with the printer.
• Do not use cheap quality papers to avoid paper jams
• The use of refilled cartridges highly affects print quality and performance. Try to use original cartridges and toners.
• The paper you use in it should be dry, straight and without any bend or folds.
• Any sort of troubleshooting should be done after reading the manual, which is always a safe practice.
• You should be extra careful while handling inner parts of the printer while changing cartridges, as the parts are small and delicate.

If you can follow all the above steps carefully, your printer will last longer and will give you good performance for a long time.

The 5 Best Printers Available in Market

Often people get confused when they have to choose from a wide range of printers in the market. Several factors are important here, like where are you going to use it, for what purpose, how much load it has to take and more such facts. However, listed below are the top 5 performers of all types:

HP OfficeJet Pro 8026 All-in-One Wireless Smart Colour Printer – This one needs more space for storage, but it’s no match for top-grade printing at very high speed for both office and home, and for pictures and documents.

Epson EcoTank L3150 Wi-Fi All-in-One Ink Tank Printer – It’s popular because of the Epson’s cloud-printing portfolio.

Epson L130 Single-Function Ink Tank Colour Printer – If you don’t have a wide space for a good photo printer, then this is the perfect machine to print high quality documents and pictures.

HP Laserjet Pro M126nw Multi-Function Monochrome Laser Printer – It’s a monochrome laser printer nice for both small offices and homes, and a good value for money.

Brother HL-L2321D Single-Function Monochrome Laser Printer with Auto Duplex Printing – A good machine for black and white prints of large volume for small businesses.

Anyone using printer at home or in office, hence should take utmost care to get proper service from it.

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Strategies to Build Your Business Through Pinterest

build business strategies through pinterest

The world has changed a lot after the advent of  various social networking websites such as Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, Google plus, Instagram, Pinterest. Our lives have changed a lot after these came in. There was a revolution in our society after these social networking websites came in.

Pinterest is a visual based social network website which was launched in the year 2009 much after Facebook and Twitter. The website came with a vision to change our lives further. It allowed users to pin in their photos, snaps in a very  organized manner. The interest for Pinterest among users grew very rapidly. It was the first of the kind where the website was exclusively designed to  allow the users to share their snaps and also visualize a lot of photos  in a very disciplined fashion.  Today it is the third highest accessed social network site after Facebook and twitter.

build business strategies through pinterest

Unlike other social networking sites, Pinterest  too having both platforms for personal and business use. The website has the capability to drive a lot of referral traffic which is a major interest for the marketers of the current world. In the lines to follow let us see how Pinterest can help us to boost our business.

The best way to start with   is by using graphical representation of the users such as graphics, charts, pie charts, histograms, tables. This kind of information graphic representation helps a lot of marketers to attract the user attention towards their respective product due to its simplicity.

The tag and pin in individual option in Pinterest can be the next way to get into the users mind. This not only helps to catch the user interest easily, but also helps in diverting the interest of the other uses following the one before.

The next best thing that the marketer can do to attract users is through videos. Pinterest allows to post videos. But it is always better to post the link of the video rather than uploading the entire video itself. This helps to create a lot of curiosity across minds and thus fetches more traffic than the normal uploading.

Through Repin option, Pinterest can help in to get in more visits to the respective account. When we Repin on others pinned in a snap, the respective user receives an alert in their respective emails. This may initiate the interest level of the respective individual   for the link.  Thus gives an opportunity to get the flow of the users in the respective account.

Accessing the Pinterest account on a frequent note can help to keep in touch with the users. Frequently updating the account can help in to get more traffic of users towards the respective account. Using the Smartphone app can help us to update the respective account on a frequent and faster pace than the notebook computer.

Engaging the users through various online events such as competitions, polling and contests on the respective company’s  product can help to build more awareness about the company’s brand  in the minds of the customers and that can help to drive in more users about the brand and that can help the company to reach to the target audience group in a desired manner.

PPC and SEO – Which One is Better for Driving Maximum Traffic to a Site

ppc or seo get website traffic

When you want to improve your website’s traffic, the two names that poke into your mind are search engine optimization or Pay-per-click advertising. However, a big controversial subject of debate is who is better in the race of SEO vs. PPC? Well, both are the most powerful approaches that help to generate traffic. Though the primary goals of both of these methods are same, but their ways of working is different.

ppc-or seo get website traffic

SEO and PPC are the two different concepts that come out with different techniques. Both these effective methods are highly important for garnering traffic for a website. However, there are certain strong as well as weak points in each service that make it distinct and better from the other.

Which search marketing method is better SEO or PPC?

Through SEO marketing a website can easily improve its position in the search engine by using valuable content. In this service, you are not required to pay for the advertising service. It is true that SEO marketing helps to increase the popularity of a website naturally. But the entire process takes long time. Competition is very tough in this service and actually not as reliable as PPC.

PPC or pay per click is a marketing strategy that is in the use from the early days of World Wide Web.  It helps to post an advertisement for a company on their pages by paying to the search engine. This method is very fast, reliable and reasonable. Your website will get visitor through this service and you have to pay a certain amount of money for each visitor.

Though SEO can perform the same work, but still people keep focussing on the tried and true process of advertising. Well organized as well as optimized PPC advertising process can offer cost effective service as well. It is a very well designed service that can reach to the specific visitors who are interested in the product or the service. To get the best, fastest services businesses are shifting their interest from SEO into PPC which confirms its growing popularity in this world of internet.

Advantages of PPC advertising

PPC ads are one of the best ways to maximize your traffic and improve your inbound marketing plans. Here is a list of several advantages that PPC offers. Take a look-

  • Great speed quality: Unlike the search engine optimization, PPC offers great speed. Draw targeted visitors and relevant leads to your site.
  • Additional traffic: To expand your online visibility, it can provide additional traffic to your site so that you can build up your company and make it one of the leading companies in the nation.
  • Outstanding website traffic: Selecting different types of ad copies for particular keywords and perfect demographics can easily raise the quality of website visibility rates.

What is the scenario of SEO and PPC?

In this race of earning more dollars, many businesses are divided between search engine optimization and pay per click advertising. In the last year, we have seen a major downfall of SEO because many people were highly concerned over PPC and interested to follow it for their business. As Google algorithms keep updating, thereby, it made marketers to shift their attention on relevant and flawless content that is linked with goggle authorship rather than the keyword based content. PPC is becoming popular day by day and according to a report, nearly 72% businesses are planning to invest more on PPC in this year. However, it doesn’t mean that SEO is dead. If PPC and SEO both go side by side, then you can generate huge genuine traffic. Businesses can still better their search result with the help of keyword and backlinks.