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Users Feedback – Google Nexus 5 Showing Many Problems

Nexus 5 is the latest smart phone and the most dominant Nexus phone, which is launched with several amazing features and Android 4.4 KitKat operating system. Besides its being first smart phone working on KitKat, it is built solid and weighed light as well. The phone comes with 5 inches full HD display with 1920×1080 pixels resolution and 445 ppi and it is equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The phone is bundled up in 69.17 mm wide, 137.84 mm long, and 8.59 mm thick body, which is simple but striking. It weighs only 130 Gm so you can keep it in your palm comfortably.

Main Attractions of the Phone-

The phone has launched with many attractions so that users may feel a different experience. Some of its main attractions are given below.

  • First Phone with KitKat version of Android Operating System-

The Android 4.4 KitKat operating system is considered a powerful, fast, and simple in use. Therefore, users may experience getting stuff done fast with simple operating steps.

  • Unlimited Fun-

Users with the phone have over 1 million apps and games to enjoy besides infinite music along with the radio station by Google Play.

  • Speed and Power-

The phone comes with 800 Qualcomm Snapdragon processor of 2.26 GHz, which is capable to offer you better and smooth multi-functionality. It is incorporated with ultra fast Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE, so you can stay connected at fast speed.

There are many other stunning features linked with this phone.

Users Feedback-

The phone has come with several amazing features, which has impressed users a lot; but, having used this phone, users have found some problems which are irritating them.

Speaker and Audio Quality – Users have observed that the sound is very low; some others have complained about the quality of audio. Muffling has been noticed at low levels of volumes.

Sound Problem Google Nexus 5

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Problems With Display – Users also have become aware of Dead Pixels, which is a mark on the screen; this kind of mark is never changed.

Display Problem Google Nexus 5

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Issues With Its Wi-Fi – According to many people, Wi-Fi is not working well. They complain that first, it does not connect or if somehow connects, it drops as you shift to a small distance.

Powers Buttons – Problem with its power buttons has been noticed by its users, they complain when the phone Vibrates, it rattles. Besides Ceramic button is also creating problems for its users. It is being said to be too sharp.

Power Problem Google Nexus 5

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Battery – Battery is most important for any smart phone, everyone wants a battery offering good back-up, but according to users, the battery is also not working expectedly as it is draining fast and it also takes longer time for charging it.

Camera – Camera of the smart phone has also been experienced issues like slow auto focus and dim photo. However, it is said that these problems are occurring because of software problem which can be fixed.

Google Now – It has also been reported that users are facing problem with Google Now. It has some problem when it is loaded, besides synching problem. To sort-out this problem, Google advocates you to send feedback

Hope these issues will be fixed shortly.

Score High in the App Industry with Top 5 Android Apps

In the present day, the workplace is becoming demanding due to the unremitting demands of being more productive and to maintain high-quality work. No need to fret!

Thankfully, with the help of Mobiers Ltd the market is today flooded with a copious number of apps for you to download helping you to improve your productivity.

Since the need to boost productivity is growing at a breakneck pace; it brings a lot of potential opportunities for businesses to score high in the app industry by developing apps for the Android platform that guarantees to increase productivity – by lowering costs and saving time.

Besides productivity, there are various other categories for which applications are generally created, as listed below:

• Utilities
• Entertainment
• Books
• Music

In this post I’ve come up with a list of 5 best Android apps in the several different categories. Let’s have a detailed look on apps under each category:

App for Productivity – Dropbox

I often recall the days, when I used to carry pen drive to run presentations and used to get frustrated when I‘ve to back up my data on hard drives. Well, now all that’s history, with the emergence of the Android cloud storage app, that is, DropBox.

This groundbreaking cloud storage app creates a virtual folder on your PC that’s in-sync to your DropBox account. The best part is that, whatever you copy into your virtual folder automatically gets uploaded online. Simply put, regardless of the place you’re and the device you’re using, you can have the access to your files, at anyplace and anytime.

Dropbox lets you store around 5GB of digital media for free. There are several other alternatives that you can utilize to augment your productivity, other than Dropbox such as the noteworthy Google Drive.

App for Utility – WhatsApp Messenger

With an astounding number of over 200 million users, WhatsApp is an Android app that has become a hot favorite among dozens of users within a short time span. It’s a straightforward, intuitive, cross-platform choice for sending text messages at free-of-cost. What’s more? You can even send photos and audio or video files too – indeed you’re using some sort of data connection.

App for Entertainment – SketchBook Mobile Express

Are you an avid art lover? Well, SketchBook Mobile Express is a professional paint and drawing app for Android Smartphones. It lets you have fun by giving you the privilege to bring your inner artist to the fore by sketching, while on the go.

The app user interface pops up whenever you need it. This app allows you to work with up to three layers. What Else? You can even import images from your phone gallery or camera app into the app.

App for Books – Kindle

For years, right from scholars, to writers, and poets all have found books to be the ideal medium to grasp knowledge. As time passed, the way people used to access books has changed. But, undoubtedly books are still the favored source for the majority of people.

For book lovers, Kindle is an Android app that best suits their need to browse through a vast list of books on the go. The best feature of this app – perhaps it automatically syncs the last page that you read, notes and bookmarks across multiple devices. Want to continue from your left, there’s nothing to fret with a Kindle, as it lets you read right from where you left reading.

Other alternatives apart from Kindle are Google Play Books, GoodReads, AReader etc.

App for Music – SoundCloud

Music is something that almost everyone loves. If you’re a music fanatic and looking for a great music app for your Android based device without ads and subscription fees, then SoundCloud is exactly what you need.

This app lets you find out new music tracks and stream it from the cloud. The app is simple to use, and is integrated with Google+. The app allows you to follow your favorite bands or singers, and lets you record sounds, and even post your choice of tracks through social media.

Another enthralling aspect about this app is that – it’s not only let you listen to some good music tracks, but also help you listen to comedy shows, news, and a whole lot more.

Wrapping Up!

Hopefully, after reading the guest post you must have learned about the different categories under which apps are being developed.

So, if you’re looking forward to making it big in the app industry via Android Applications Development, you must have a good look at the aforementioned apps defined in each category.

This will help you get a better idea as to what type of app can help you survive in today’s grueling app industry.

Search Engine Ranking – Impact Of Twitter And Facebook Activities

Importance Of Social Media In Ranking Of The Search Engine

The internet is becoming the most essential part of today’s life. By using the web platform, the users can lead a simple and easy life. Now, if you are an internet user and always depends on the web platform, then you should be aware about the importance of the search engines. A proper ranking on the search engines like Bing or Google is always important for any brand. Regarding this back link of the ranking factor, the social media always play a major role in your brand. It is the time when people always love to get connected through the social media site. And, as a brand, you should try to utilize this platform in a better way.

Know The Social Signals To Increase The Ranking

On the search engine ranking, the activities of social media leave a great impact to get a higher ranking on the most popular searches. You can count the number of likes on your Facebook as a brand. The number of the shares of your content is also can leave an impact on the users. The Tweets on your brand can make a difference in your ranking. Not only that, your Google+ circle can help you to get more popularity on the search engines. For Google, the tweet and the retweet always count as a plus point of the ranking in the search engine. Not only that, Facebook shares and likes also equally important for the Google. Twitter and Facebook updates and shares can make a positive impact on the Bing.

Search Engine Ranking Impact

Image Source : Apex Pacific

Everyone Is On Social Networking Site

Most of your consumers have their account on the social networking site like Facebook or Twitter. So, it is quite easy to reach them and inform them about your brand. The increasing popularity of these sites has changed the overall picture of the SEO related business.

The Impact Of Social Search

The sharing and re sharing of any content on the social media site can help you to build a positive image and your brand can be recommended through these sites. With the increasing number of the sharing and recommendation, you can get a positive social search result on the search engine.

More Shares Can Make A Difference

If you get a more social media share in for your content, it is also treated as an endorsement of your brand. More shares can make your content a valuable one. So, with the increasing number of shares of your content, you can send a positive vibe to the search engines about your brand related content.

A Huge Social Media Presence Can Make Your Own Identity

Those brands who have a huge presence in the social media sites, can easily grab the attention of the users. It also can provide you great brand loyalty, positive reviews for your brands, great brand awareness and obviously more back links for your website.

Get In Touch With The Influencers

To get better result on the social media site, you should keep in touch with the experts in this field. Those people, who have great knowledge and the positive influence on these social media sites, can properly help you to get the positive back links on the search engines. So, get the right steps and make a positive impact on the web world.

How Google Android Users Will Restore Factory Settings

Time has gone when phones are considered a device for calling only, now it has become such inseparable device, which helps you in regulating your life – personal or professional. As the time is passing, so we all are growing more and more dependent on it. The device, at this time, deals, for much extent, with your private information which is one of very serious concern since we often hear about online frauds which are possible because of leaking your personal details.

Why is Restore Factory Settings needed? Nowadays trying latest devices became a fashion, so it becomes more important to wipe out all information from your devices before you change your used device to a latest one so that it cannot be misused by anyone. However, security, or privacy issues are not only grounds that you need to restore factory setting. Besides this, if you experience that your device is loading slowly, or malfunctioning or your device has some connection issues, you may use it as a last attempt before going to the service center.

What is Restore Factory Settings? – Restore Factory Setting also called A Factory Reset or Master Reset, is a method to restore the device to its original state. This progression removing all information, data, and softwares from the devices takes device back in original state which is set by the manufacturer.

What preparations are necessary for Restore Factory Settings? – As I mentioned above that it removes all your information, data, and applications loaded by you will be wiped out itself, so it is highly recommended you to protect all that so that you need not to face any problem after performing Restore Factory Setting. You need to back-up your all personal data and applications which you want to use later. You can store that in your PC, micro SD Card or online storage.

How to perform Restore Factory Setting – First of all what you need to do is to find out SETTING into your device. After finding SETTING, you find options like – Applications, Accounts and Synch, Storage, Language and Keyboard, Accessibility, Voice input, and output besides PRIVACY. Now it is time to go to PRIVACY option. Here you have to mark the back-up and reset boxes, and finally you have to go to factory reset and tap reset device. Now you will see a kind of notice informing you that the process will erase all data from your phone’s internal memory including application data and downloaded applications. Now you need to tap reset device, you have option to wipe your micro SD card as well. Checking this box means you want to wipe out your card too. Now you have to confirm it one more time by pressing ERASE EVERYTHING, and as you confirm it, the process will start.

As the process is not a light one, so it takes a bit longer time.  After being completed the process, your device will reboot. Now you will find this device as a new one, and you may feel that the slower loading problem or the problem of malfunctioning have been sorted-out. You may feel as if you were using a new device.

1 .  From the Home screen, press the Menu button and go to Settings.

Android Restore Factory Settings

2. Select Privacy and then Factory data reset.

Android Restore Factory Settings

3. Verify the information on the screen and press Reset phone.


Android Restore Factory Settings

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Easy Ways to Promote Your Mobile Games App for Free

Knowledge Base on Mobile gaming industry

Mobile games and mobile game related applications now are one of the profitable businesses. In today’s time, most of the young people are quite passionate about such kind of game related applications. It is becoming quite easy to download such kind of applications by using the smart phones. Anyone can easily download such gaming apps through their Smartphone anytime, anywhere. And, this is one of the biggest advantages for those who are in this gaming industry. Now, if you are engaged in this industry and try to make money from this opportunity, then you have to be aware about the related market and the consumer behavior.

IPhone game screen

Image Credit : Clive Darra

Your app is your key to success

The target consumer or the niche market doesn’t matter so strict in this industry. If you are able to make an interesting gaming app and have a strong enough marketing strategy for your gaming app to reach the mass, then interested people should try your app and explore it at its best. From the kids to grow up, everyone is now hooked with the virtual world and exploring this new world which is full of magic, attraction and excitement. In the app store, of the Smart phones, you can find thousands of free apps. So, you can easily understand the fact that this field is quite competitive and you need to be very much exclusive to be successful in this world.

Cross promotion can help you

To promote your games app, you can use the Cross Promotion process. Here, you can easily exchange the ad space of yours with the others. It can help you to get new users and you do not need to compete with the other app developers.

Appropriate keyword based marketing

The proper ASO or the App store optimization can help you a lot to get, the more popularity among the gamers. An appropriate optimizing service can help you to find out the proper keywords for your game app and also can provide you an effective description for your games app. But, this process always needs a complete and perfect research regarding your app and also your industry.

Keep eyes on your website

To get profitable results from your games app, you can use the content management system which comes with free of cost. You should properly maintain your website from where your users can get all the information which they want to know about your app.

Choose an effective Screenshots and Icons

The icon of your app is the first introduction to your users. So, you need to be very careful while you are choosing an icon for your app. The screenshots of your app can give an appropriate idea about your game. So, it is equally important as the icon is. And, these two factors can leave a positive effect on the downloading rate of your app. You, need to be more sincere and research on these properly.

ipad tennis game app

Image Credit : Brooke Redbird

Get connected with the Social Media

Last but not the least; your social media can help you to be more popular. So, using this platform has been always a great idea for any app developer. Now, it is your turn to give a right start to your app and get a profitable result from it.

Who Dominate The Mobile Gaming Market in 2021


The mobile gaming market is a fast-growing market and smartphones have given it an extra stimulation through which it expanded rapidly, it is hoped that it will keep growing with an unexpected speed in the future as well.

If we cast look over the growth of the gaming market over the last two or more years, we can know what differences have come with the growth of the gaming market.


It is true that the demand for smartphones in 2021 will grow very fast; yes, it is a different thing that according to market experts, the demand for high-end and budget phones will go down.

The growing demand for smartphones will definitely boost the demand for mobile games.

All major specialists of this industry are also giving a positive sign to it, so doubting over it is nothing but a wild choice chase.

No doubt, it will grow rapidly in 2021 but predicting anything about “Who Dominate The Mobile Gaming Market in 2021” is not really an easy task.

If we take a look overgrowth of different gaming markets, other reports, and collected pieces of data, we can have an idea about it.

China’s Mobile GamingMarket: it is estimated by some market analysts that the year 2021 will be a good one for China’s mobile gaming market. According to J.P. Morgan, China’s Mobile Gaming Market Cap will reach around $20 billion in markets in 2021. He also adds that mobile gaming marketing will grow 29% more than PC Gaming Marketing.

Growth of Google’s Android Games: Although the whole gaming market has grown well yet Growth of Google’s Android apps is miraculous. According to Distimo’s 2020 year in Review report which is released recently, $ 12 million revenue was generated during the month of November by the top 200 apps of the Google play store. It will be a big surprise for you to know the revenue of the top 200 apps in the same duration last year; it was only 3.5 million dollars. This bit soars is enough to have an idea of the future growth of the Google Android Game.

Apple’s App store: It is still the biggest player in the mobile gaming market. The revenue of the top 200 apps was estimated at $18 million this year. The revenue of this big player’s top 200 apps was $ 15 million in November last. Although this is the biggest player in this market but the growth in revenue noticed in two years does not seem much impressive as that of Google’s Android. This might have a big concern for the game development software company.

Top apps on Apple and Google– If We talk about Apple’s top apps, we find that The list of top 10 highest growing apps was released in 2020 or before it. While 4 out of 10 top highest growing apps in Google play store were released in 2020. This means that Google offers good opportunities for those who wish to come into this industry.

On the basis of the above-mentioned points, we may say that the competition will remain stiff between both of them – one who is growing fast and the other who is at the top. As Google has grown, it cannot be said that it may not leave Apple behind.

Although the difference between the revenue gained by both is big, it cannot be said it is impossible for Google as we have read above about the speed of Google that how it is growing.

On the other hand, If we talk about Apple, we know that it is the Topper of the mobile gaming market and will make every possible effort to secure its position in the smartphone gaming market.

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