2014 Is Going To Be The Golden Year For Mobiles and Tablets

Smart phones have gained immense popularity as a number of companies are willing to produce them in order to satisfy the users and their expectations.  Due to its incredible functions people are eager to use these phones. While smart phones help the users to enjoy various functionalities, on the other hand, people have witnessed the tremendous growth of tablets within the past few years. According to a data, 19.7 million smart phones have been transported worldwide in 2010 and after that it has achieved a massive appreciation from the users that actually clarifies its bright future.  In recent period both tablets and mobiles have become the part of our life which eventually breaks down the market of PC. While you can perform any activities like social networking, computing, data management, banking and a number of other business solutions through these small yet smart devices you definitely trust it and start using it in spite of working through a PC. These devices have removed the barriers of office and enable you to work from any place, at any time, therefore the expectation grows gradually.

2014 Is Going To Be The Golden Year For Mobiles & Tablets
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Breaking News: Mobiles & Tablets Are Going To Take Over The Market Of PC In 2014

Due to the growing demands of mobiles and tablets (smart phones), the PC market is facing a great loss for past few years. As the smaller devices are more users friendly therefore consumers love to use smart phones and tablets. Records show that 51.7 million tablets were transported throughout the world in 2012 and the figure is increased in 2013 to a great level. But the question is – will tablets as well as smart phones outsell the market of PCs? Mobile will overtake PC’s market in 2014 is the biggest headline from Gartner that left all the PC makers in despair. People cannot be 100% sure on the basis of prediction but according to Gartner, tablets will submerge the market of PC in 2014.

Why The Demands Of Tablets And Smart Phones Are So High?

There is a numbers reasons behind this story. However, the most important one is its low cost and cheap models that attract the customers. Further it is an ‘all in one’ device that allows you to do plenty of work. Another important thing is android operating system which can be run through both of these devices and it makes things easier for the users. A current estimation reveals that 879 million Android devices will be transported in 2013 and in 2014 the figure will be 1.1 billion. Therefore, it is almost clear that these small devices are going to rule the market very soon in 2014.

2014 Will Witness An Excellent Growth Of Tablets & Smart Phones: Gartner Anticipates

Gartner predicts that the market of smart phones and tablets will grow rapidly. Only the trade of mobile devices will grow 3.7 percent which will definitely break PC’s markets. Moreover, windows devices will grow 363 million in 2014 from 331 million in 2013 while the MAC OS and Apple will surely achieve 338 million in 2014 which was 271 million in 2013.

A large number of people prefer the small devices and as a result of it tablet shipment is likely to grow 53.4% in this year. Through a survey in China, France, Brazil, Italy, U.S, Germany, U.K and japan Gartner reveal that maximum people use these small devices.

After all these analyses, researches and predictions it can be assumed that 2014 will going to be the most profitable year for tablets and mobile till date. Due to its accessibility and flexibility it already has made a distinct place in the market and very soon it will play the role of a game changer in the market.

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