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Here Is The Prediction List Of Social Media Marketing For 2014; Will They Come True?

One day is left in 2013; hence, several businesses have started to review their marketing strategies for the forthcoming days and everybody keeps focussing more and more on social media. While the world of digital marketing is rapidly changing, it is very important for the companies to be aware with the latest social media trends and apply that in their work in order to get the best returns from the market.  Many founder and CEO of reputed marketing firms believe that due to the use of blogging, mobile devices and other networks 2014 is going to witness a massive development in social media.

So, here are the few predictions for social media marketing in 2014

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing 2014

Pay for better outcomes and gain more visibility in 2014

In order to harm organic reach Facebook has adjusted its news feed. Ads has already been included by Google+, being a public company, Twitter should start to move revenues and LinkedIn has started to market its updates. As it has become difficult to get attention of customers in social media, so in 2014, maximum companies are going to take this very seriously and they must spend money in order to sponsor their posts. It will be the easiest way to increase the traffic of a website or gain more visibility. This can make difficulties for smaller businesses as they don’t have huge marketing resources. Therefore, to fight with this situation you have to be ready not only with an incredible content but also know the proper ways of paying those social networks in order to advertise that content.

Twitter will overtake other social media platform in 2014

Facebook has managed to make an incredible space in the world of social media for the past three years. There are several other platforms that emerged as social media marketing tools but no one can compete with Facebook which already has 1.2 billion users. Facebook is the biggest platform for social media network after Google. However, Twitter has grown immensely in the last year. Not only the big celebrities, media and marketers use this but also the common people started to use it as a platform for social media marketing. Moreover, its initial public offering and the latest stock performance help to make a huge prospect for it in the upcoming year and hopefully, Twitter will become the next billion user platform in the 2014. Thereby, if you and your company still haven’t started to use Twitter you should not wait for a second thought.

Quality content will rule the 2014

Content is the ruler, especially, in the recent times. Not only the individual personalities but also the big business holders are trying their luck into this social web and enormously creating unique content in order to maintain the traffic of their sites.  From a large to medium even small business holders are also following this trend.  Actually, every industry is in the need of content because unique content and social media are the staircase to get a huge success. In 2014, it is sure to witness more valuable content on the web. Hence, you should try to create content with more fun, valuable information and great quality if you want to get proper attention and highly benefitted through social media. Well, now content comes with video, photos and info graphics and certainly it has become more popular than the traditional content as it able to drive more traffic.

Blogging will be an important part of marketing strategy in 2014

One of the imperative ways of increasing visits to your website is blogging. If you started to provide quality article which is optimized for search engine via a blog, then you can easily find out a website to provide all its necessary requirements. To target the inbound leads there is no better way than blogging and it is going to become a most important partof marketing strategy in 2014.

The Importance of Pinterest as a Business Development Strategy

As this year draws to a close more and more people are curious to know the social network trends, social consumer behaviours and brand social media results of the coming year. The social marketing strategy of 2014 depends on certain factors discussed below.

Social networks and their growth

Facebook still reigns in the social media kingdom as the numbers of users using Facebook are constantly on the rise. People choose Facebook over Google and other social media. Though the numbers of mobile Facebook users are increasing yet majority users prefer Facebook from a desktop. Numbers of users using Instagram are increasing by the day as many people are showing interest in visual content creation and consumption. Almost a sixth of internet users worldwide use Pinterest;. These users are well educated and are from the high income group. The number of users using Tumblr and Pinterest is high as compared to the number of users of Twitter and linked and moreover the time expended on Tumblr and Pinterest is more as compared to other social networking websites.

Importance of Pinterest in Business Development Strategy

The consumer behavior in the society

Most consumers believe that social networks help them in discovering new brands, product and services. About 60 out of every hundred linked in users have clicked on an advertisement on the site. About all decision makers use social media to make important business decisions. 25% of consumers who complain about products on Facebook or Twitter expect a response within 1 hour. Almost 47 per cent of all internet users share videos and photos online.

Brands and Social marketing

Almost 90% of the executives of big multinationals plan a different approach to segment audience I in the coming years. Almost 70% marketers believe that content marketing has greatly increased their brand awareness. The rise in content marketing is mainly attributed to the fact that social networking is always on and therefore it requires content to reach and resonate to the target audiences on a regular basis. Most marketers are making awareness about their products and services these days through content marketing and the number is expected to grow in 2014 also.

About 65% of marketers believe that there will be an increased social media ad budget by the end of this year. As more and more people are now advertising on social networking, the number is expected to increase in the coming years. Now almost two out of three marketers give ads on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. There exist 79% of marketers who have social media integrated in their marketing activities. In 2013 the social media gained prominence in integrated marketing. All paid, owned and earned social brands are showing interest in integrating social media with marketing. Many are attracted towards Pinterest and the combined traffic of Twitter, Linked in and Google is less than Pinterest. Pinterest forced the traffic from social network to corporate websites.

In modern times marketers realize the importance of social media in marketing. They are therefore embracing the different positive points of social media. With social media they are building relationships and doing business in 2013 and are expected to do so even in 2014.

Problems with Dell Inspiron 1318 laptop and Their Easy Solutions

Who have Dell Inspiron 1318 laptop may be facing some crucial problems, when they use their device for official or personal purposes. Below I have mention a few problems and their solutions, which most of the users are facing.

Laptop Hangs Frequently:

Most of the Dell Inspiron 1318 users are facing that their laptop starts handing or freezing and sometime booting. This issue usually creates due to overheating of the system, and for fixing this issue, users need to do some things or have to take some precautions to avoid this problem in the future. The first thing, they must do is use laptop in an open place where there is a perfect ventilation or circulation of air because using in a closed place your device can often get overheated.

If you are using it on your bed or not in a ventilated place, then use a laptop stand to make sure that the heat is ventilated. Apart from that, make sure that your laptop fan is working properly without any kind of noise, if making noise, then repairs it as soon as possible. Remember, a defaulted fan can cause the device to hang or freezes.

Blue Screen Problem

Sound Card Issue:

This problem generally arises due to several reasons such as virus infection, an incompatible device driver, problem in hard drive or many other causes. To solve this issue, you need to check certain things such as the laptop was working fine, but when have made few changes it stops working, if it then uninstalled the changes. If you forget what you have changed, then restore it to before time and date.

Blue Screen Problem:

One of the most common problems that most of laptop users not dell laptop, but brand users are facing today. For solving this trouble, you need to install updates, as well as compatible drivers. But before installing updated drivers, make sure that you have uninstalled the existing drivers. Run virus scan time to time from a powerful antivirus software because this problem sometimes occurs due to spyware, virus, malware and other such infections.

Bluetooth Does Not Work Perfectly:

It is the next major problem that users are frustrated with. This issue often occurs due to un-properly turn on Bluetooth as well as uninstalled or out-dated of drivers. Therefore, to make your Bluetooth working, turned on properly and update the drivers. It will work fine after doing these things. If the issue still persists them, take it to any nearest dell laptop repair center to fix the issue.

You must contact to any repair company for any hardware problem. But, before taking your laptop to any service center do a deep research about the company such as its services, charges, delivery time and many more other things.

SEO Strategy For 2014 That Will Improve Your Brand Value

SEO for online identity

In today’s time, with the rapid growth of the internet use, no one can deny the importance of the online presence of any kind of business. If you are an entrepreneur and already have your own business website, then it is the high time to design a new online marketing strategy for your very own business. Now, before you are spending your hard earned money in a specific marketing plan, you should properly understand the demand of the existing market. You also try to understand the trend of your field. While you are planning for an up gradation for your business website of your brand, then the first thing comes to your mind is the SEO for websites. A proper and effective SEO can change the fate of your website.

Content Can Be Use As A Platform

In the SEO service, content always plays a major role for your website. To create credibility and to get a consideration on the leading search engine, you should establish yourself as the ‘good’ website for your visitors. For the year of 2014, you get more traffic to your website, you need to have an effective makeover strategy for your SEO related content. By using the proper content, you can make sure that what you are providing is effective and good quality content. Contents which you are using in offline, online, off- site and on-site, should contain proper information which can help the SEO of your website.

Goodbye Keywords

SEO Strategy For 2014

Link Building Still Rules The Field

The link building technique is the most important part when you are talking about the SEO related technology. To hold the popularity of your brand through the website, you still have to depend on the link building process. You should concentrate on the active and effective link building for your website. In the year of 2014, some of the leading search engines will start to penalize for the bad quality link building for a website. To avoid such kind of penalty, you should plan your SEO strategy in a perfect way.

Make Your Visual Assets More Effective

The Smartphone will be the ruling device in the year of 2014. So, when you are planning the online marketing for your own brand, then you should keep this fact on your mind. The images, videos are the most integral part of your website. And, the SEO strategy should use it in a proper way. A Smartphone now changes the whole scenario of the virtual world. Anyone can easily connect with the web world. So, it is your turn to use it in an effective way.

Let’s Change The Overall SEO Strategy

During this upcoming year, while the world of internet will be changed in a new way, then it is your turn to make your exclusive SEO strategy to get the best result from your internet marketing. Make a unique presence in the web world and stay in a better position from your competitors. In the year of 2014, you can easily make a niche client base through the effective SEO service. And, it becomes so easy with the help of the advanced technology. So, enjoy the next year with lots of success in your business.

Prediction: Faster Growth of Social Media Advertising in 2014

As nowadays people are depending on the internet, the affection of the internet growing day by day. Whether it is a matter of Education, shopping and other things relating to our present life or it is about our professional life. We can see it intervenes everywhere. Social media have developed as intimate parts of our life. Without it the life of people is incomplete. Advanced devices like smart phones and tablets can be said that these are some of the strongest reasons behind it. If we take a look of growth of various social media platforms, we will find how promptly it is growing day by day. These following facts will definitely help us to see clearly faster growth of social media advertising in 2014 which are given in the below.

Faster Growth of Social Media Advertising in 2014

Consistent Popularity of different Social Media Platforms-

Since internet access has come into everybody’s pocket through Smartphones and portable devices like tablets that are capable for net surfing. The popularity of social media platforms has been growing rapidly besides there also some other reasons of popularity of social media platforms. Facebook, now, grabs a big portion of users and growing rapidly, Google plus is extending its circle stage by stage hurriedly and grabbing a big part of users, and the Twitter also is doing by a lot internet users. These are the parts of social media platforms which are holding a respected position on the internet. Even their value growing day by day .It is noticed that there are many other social networking sites which are also received recommended growth with less of time. LinkedIn is also such a platform which is working to make it more social and it also grows rapidly. Besides these well-known social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr is also some other notable social media platforms which are capturing users in their spell. YouTube is still one and only platform of online video with over 1 billion visitors per month.

Faster Growth of Advertisement and Marketing

Advertisement- Advertisement and Marketing are two important parts of any company or service to grow well; without these two tools, any company cannot dream to make good place in the marketing. Advertisement on the internet has grown very popular and effective trends and it has left behind all other advertising and marketing trends. Today all companies whether big or small and new or old are displayed on the internet in different forms. It is only because of the popularity of the internet that many people desire to purchase things online.  According to the latest Zenieth Optimedia Projection, Advertisement on the internet will be 21 per cent more so that it can grab 22.1 per cent of the total market by 2014. It clears the scene how fast it is growing. It also reveals that the percentage of online advertising is 25 per cent which is expected to be grown 30 per cent.

Marketing- Several ways of marketing exist and are used for the selling products and services but social medial marketing is different from other forms of marketing that is why this is growing rapidly. It will also be interesting to know that the annual growth rate of social media was 34 percent faster on comparing with any other form of online marketing according to the Forrester Research which also adds that the budget of social media marketing will reach $ 3.1 billion in 2014. It reveals that the future of the social media will grow brighter.

Advantage of Social Media Advertising- if we talk about the advantages of social media, we will find more, but one of the main advantages of social media advertising is that here users can be targeted with ads according to their interest through users’ demographic information.  This specialty of the social media separates it from other and produces results.

Social media deals with many different forms as internet forums, social blogs, wikis, podcasts, pictures, rating, magazines, weblogs, microblogging, social networks, video, bookmarking and so on through websites like Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, Bebo, Orkut and many more, and they grab a large portion of a population which is growing day by day so advertisement through this means reaches a large number of people fast.

2014 Is Going To Be The Golden Year For Mobiles and Tablets

Smart phones have gained immense popularity as a number of companies are willing to produce them in order to satisfy the users and their expectations.  Due to its incredible functions people are eager to use these phones. While smart phones help the users to enjoy various functionalities, on the other hand, people have witnessed the tremendous growth of tablets within the past few years. According to a data, 19.7 million smart phones have been transported worldwide in 2010 and after that it has achieved a massive appreciation from the users that actually clarifies its bright future.  In recent period both tablets and mobiles have become the part of our life which eventually breaks down the market of PC. While you can perform any activities like social networking, computing, data management, banking and a number of other business solutions through these small yet smart devices you definitely trust it and start using it in spite of working through a PC. These devices have removed the barriers of office and enable you to work from any place, at any time, therefore the expectation grows gradually.

2014 Is Going To Be The Golden Year For Mobiles & Tablets

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Breaking News: Mobiles & Tablets Are Going To Take Over The Market Of PC In 2014

Due to the growing demands of mobiles and tablets (smart phones), the PC market is facing a great loss for past few years. As the smaller devices are more users friendly therefore consumers love to use smart phones and tablets. Records show that 51.7 million tablets were transported throughout the world in 2012 and the figure is increased in 2013 to a great level. But the question is – will tablets as well as smart phones outsell the market of PCs? Mobile will overtake PC’s market in 2014 is the biggest headline from Gartner that left all the PC makers in despair. People cannot be 100% sure on the basis of prediction but according to Gartner, tablets will submerge the market of PC in 2014.

Why The Demands Of Tablets And Smart Phones Are So High?

There is a numbers reasons behind this story. However, the most important one is its low cost and cheap models that attract the customers. Further it is an ‘all in one’ device that allows you to do plenty of work. Another important thing is android operating system which can be run through both of these devices and it makes things easier for the users. A current estimation reveals that 879 million Android devices will be transported in 2013 and in 2014 the figure will be 1.1 billion. Therefore, it is almost clear that these small devices are going to rule the market very soon in 2014.

2014 Will Witness An Excellent Growth Of Tablets & Smart Phones: Gartner Anticipates

Gartner predicts that the market of smart phones and tablets will grow rapidly. Only the trade of mobile devices will grow 3.7 percent which will definitely break PC’s markets. Moreover, windows devices will grow 363 million in 2014 from 331 million in 2013 while the MAC OS and Apple will surely achieve 338 million in 2014 which was 271 million in 2013.

A large number of people prefer the small devices and as a result of it tablet shipment is likely to grow 53.4% in this year. Through a survey in China, France, Brazil, Italy, U.S, Germany, U.K and japan Gartner reveal that maximum people use these small devices.

After all these analyses, researches and predictions it can be assumed that 2014 will going to be the most profitable year for tablets and mobile till date. Due to its accessibility and flexibility it already has made a distinct place in the market and very soon it will play the role of a game changer in the market.